Hot Sex Dice

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Gamble your way to ultimate climax satisfaction with the exotic Hot Sex Dice. The easy to play, raunchy adult fun game is designed for spontaneous erotic intimacy and is made for two players. Share the thrills and excitement of chancing your luck on the roll of a dice, by choosing your sensual pleasure on the throw of two.

The game comprises of 2 coloured dice. One die features playful functions for you and your lover to perform on each other. The other die shows a line drawing of the specific body part to tantalize and explore. Take turns rolling the dice with your lover, and following the instructions for at least two minutes. Play out the determined choice and swap. Once your lover throws the dice, you can enjoy your turn at receiving the indulgent sensuous pleasure. Spice up your seduction techniques and explore endless possibilities for red-hot love action.

The discreet, travel-sized game is great for spontaneous fun whenever you go. Slip the dice into your purse or pocket and explore unlimited choices on the move. Satisfy your lover by following the simple rules of the game. Roll the dice and play out your determined choices until passion takes over and you get lucky. Use your imagination and play the game of sensuous chance while using your favourite vibrating toys. Once you take a gamble, you’ll discover endless mind-blowing orgasmic possibilities.

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