Guide to Electro Sex Stimulation

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To the majority of even the most open minded people electro sex is something that should never be tried. But what they do not realise is what they are missing out on.

Allot of people are worried that involving electricity with sex would be dangerous, which is not necessarily true. Obviously we do not suggest hooking your self up directly to the mains power but using specialist Electro Sex Toys you can bring your self some amazing pleasure.

What is Electro Sex Stimulation?

Basically electro sex stimulation is the act of stimulating your erogenous zones with a safe amount of electricity. Your body is an excellent conductor so can cause some exciting feelings when this happens.

What does Electro Sex Stimulation feel like?

You may associate Electro Sex Stimulation with Pleasurable Pain but this is not always true. Because the charges are normally very small they provide more of a tingly or buzzing sensation that will make the surrounding muscles clench. When this is applied to a sensitive area this can produce some incredibly pleasurable sensations.

With a low setting you will feel a bit of a tickle and is often used by a partner in foreplay. On a medium setting you will feel a more tingly sensation as the electricity stimulates your nerve endings making you feel more aroused. On a higher setting you will have the feeling of pins and a light stinging sensation. This is where you will have your muscles contract and higher sensations of pleasure.

How should I use my Electro Stimulation Toys?

As with all types of sex toys there are a variety of types with electro sex toys.

Insertable electro sex toys will resemble a metal dildo or anal sex toy. They normally designed to be used with a medium charge setting and will feel like a vibrating sex toy but with added stimulation. Giving your partner control of the electrical charge can be both fun and exciting.

Electro Sex kits can come with pads that rest on your skin. They normally come with a power box that can be used to control the charge. The pads should be placed on your sensitive erogenous regions and then you can experiment with the charge power increasing and decreasing the power to slowly tease you into sexual ecstasy.

For stimulation of the penis you can use electro stimulation cock rings like the Rimba Penis Straps.

How safe is Electro Sex Stimulation?

This is the number one worry for most people before using electro sex toys. The answer is they are very safe. You are not going to electrocute yourself with the small amount of charge that is used on these devices. Although it is safe you should follow some basic rules to make sure.

  • Do not experiment with Electro Sex if you have heart problems or a pace maker
  • Do not use the electro sex pads around your waist
  • Do not use if you are pregnant
  • Do not use on broken skin
  • Make sure the power is off when attaching or inserting your devices and bring the power up once attached

Can I use Lubricant or Conductive Gel

If you are using an insertable electro sex toy you can use a water based lubricant to make insertion easier and improve conductivity.

Conductive gel like the Electro Stimulation Gel from Rimba can improve the conductivity of external electro sex toys.

As silicone is an insulating material you should not use silicone lubricants with electro sex stimulation toys.

Last update: Aug 15, 2016

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