Spanking and Whipping Guide

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Bringing a bit of pain into the sexual play can also bring around a great deal of pleasure. There are many people who fantasise about being lightly spanked or sexually punished by their partner and there are just as much who fantasise about spanking or punishing their partner. It brings a new dynamic to the bedroom and heightens the senses and pleasure for both parties.

There are a number of different methods and tools that you can use to whip your partner into a frenzy.

What Toy Should I Use?

In our Bondage Toys section SexToys123 have a number of great products for you to use during spanking or whipping play but which ones are right for you?

  • Spanking Paddles

    blonde woman holding a wooden paddle

    The bum is full of nerve endings just waiting your you to stimulate them and one of the safest and easiest ways to do this is with a spanking paddle. These devices are normally made of plastic or wood and can have a leather covering. The leather coverings on the paddles is much softer than wood and also has a better sound when hit. If you are looking for something a bit rougher wooden paddles are the way to go or for an introduction into spanking the leather paddles are a bit more tame.

    Start by lightly spanking the bottom of your partner and slowly increase the force used. This will be a good way to find out how hard your partner likes it and where the limit is. Once you are aware of how hard you should go and your partner is accustom to the spanking increase frequency. You should be aiming to hit both cheeks around the lower part of the bottom.

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  • Flogger Whips

    leather clad woman with long sex whip

    These are whips that have multiple tail ends. The multiple ends spread the force making the sensation closer to a paddle than a single surface whip but with a bit more bite. Floggers come in many shapes and sizes and are made from different materials including leather, rubber and chain. Chain floggers can be more painful then leather and soft rubber whips normally inflict the least amount of pain.

    You can use the floggers ends to tease and excite your partner by lightly running them over their skin. When ready to begin whipping swing your flogger in a figure of eight patterns hitting your partner on the way down.

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  • Single Surface and Riding Whips

    Woman getting whiped with a riding crop

    Because of the smaller surface area riding whips have more sting then paddles and floggers. You can have great control over the pain inflicted but must be careful not to go past your partners threshold which can be easy to do.

    Single surface whips like the House of Eros Old School Leather Belt can be used to inflict more pain than floggers but like riding crops can be easy to get carried away and use too much force. Long whips like the Long Arabian Whip are very difficult to control and require some practice and a lot of room.

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  • Canes

    leather clad woman with long sex whip

    If you are looking for an old school feel then canes are the way to go. Like riding whips these can produce much more of a sting than floggers. Some canes can get splinters over time so make sure to be careful and check before using.

    To use a cane properly you should not strike your partner with the very end tip of the cane making sure the cane strikes the whole bottom. You can start by flicking the cane with your wrist so your partner can get use to the sensation then moving up to a larger swing.

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Things to Remember

  • Have a safe word - It is easy to get carried away when spanking and whipping and your partner needs to enjoy the experience as well.
  • Start Slow - find your partners preferred limit and try to adhere to it. Starting slowly also warms your partner up and gets the nerve ending working
  • Communication is key - talk to each other about what you like and how far it should go. Trust is one of the main ingredients in spanking and bondage play.
  • Practice makes perfect - You can exert more force then you mean with certain whips so when using a new whip practice a bit do you are use to it more
  • Don't stray - Make sure you keep the the bottom and thighs when spanking. Make sure you stay way from areas like Stomach, Tailbone, Hips, Spine, Neck and Face as these can cause long term damage.
  • Don't over use - using a paddle every day can lead to damaged and hardened skin. This is sometimes called Leather butt. Make spanking and whipping a special treat.

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