Introducing Anal Toys for the First Time

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Anal play is one taboo that even amongst open minded couples is not often discussed but it is a treasure chest of sexual pleasure that you may be missing out on. Men and Women of any sexuality can enjoy anal play and experience the unbeatable pleasure that it provides.

There are allot of myths about anal play and many couples will not discuss it because they are worries their partner will not be into it at all. Allot of other people are scared away from anal play from bad experiences or stories of bad experiences. Many of these bad experiences are down to incorrect technique and advice.

We have written this handy guide to give you advice on how to introduce anal to a relationship and how to properly practice anal play and how to use and enjoy anal sex toys.

How can I Introduce Anal Sex Toys into Your Relationship?

Introducing anal play into your relationship can be a tricky subject. Fear of rejection is a major worry for many people but this is a fantasy that allot of people have so chances are your partner will be at least a bit curious.

a good sexual relationship is mostly about communication so discussing the possibility of anal play outside of the bedroom is a good idea. This gives you a chance to talk about what both of you are thinking without pressure. You should be honest with your partner and also listen to what they have to say. Starting it off lighthearted and playful is a great way to establish the conversation.

If your partner does not seem amenable to the thought of anal play give them time. They will probably give it some though and may become more excited by the possibility and even bring it up again at a later date.

Does Anal Sex Hurt?

For beginners anal penetration can be painful and should be taken slowly but penetration is just one form of anal play. The sphincter is a sensitive ring of nerve endings and can be stimulated by fingers or anal toys.

To start off anal play you can use slim butt plugs like the vibrating Rocks Off 7 Speed Butt Quiver Vibrator, or anal beads that are designed to be used for sphincter stimulation. You can also buy packs of anal plugs that increase in size like the FillerUp Butt Plug Kit.

The main thing to bare in mind is to take it slowly. Most of the bad experiences from anal play are from people rushing in to full anal penetration.

Is it Unclean?

Obviously anal play is a bit messier than most other styles of sexual exploration but with the right preparation you can have a fun and clean experience.

If you are the receptive partner make sure you go to the toilet before you engage in anal play. Unless you need to go to the bathroom, Feces is not stored in the area of the anus where a penis or sex toy can reach so that is not a problem. To make sure you are fully clean and to remove any excess deposits we recommend using an anal douche. They are very inexpensive and easy to use. You simply use the douche to squirt a small amount of water up your anus and then pass it in the toilet.

Using a condom over your sex toys or penis is also advisable as this provides a smoother surface and prevents the build up of bacteria. If you don't or cannot (for example on anal beads) use a condom make sure the toy is washed thoroughly after use with an antibacterial sex toy cleaner.

What about Lubricant?

With all sex lubricant is suggested and it is even more important with anal play. The anus does not create any natural lubricant so with any anal penetration you must use a sex lube. You can use most lubricants sold on this website but the most effective are the specifically designed Anal Lubes. These lubricants are formulated to be used during anal plan and some come with a slight numbing agent to make penetration even less uncomfortable.

What Toys Should I Use?

We have written a separate guide that goes into details about the different anal sex toys and how to use them. Click Here to read out Anal Sex Toys Beginners Guide.

Last update: Aug 09, 2016

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