Beginners Guide to Bullet Vibrators

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A bullet vibrator or mini vibrator is a must have in your collection of sex toys. They are simple to use, easy to clean and much cheaper compared to other sex toys. It is a best beginner toy to have for women or couples, and yes, men could enjoy them too! It finds application in all aspects-be it foreplay, self-pleasure, tantalising erogenous zones or when having sex with your partner. Don’t let its minuscule size fool you as this little ‘bullet’ has the power to deliver extremely pleasurable climactic experiences and the mini size making it very easy to carrying around!

The ‘Bullet’ and Masturbation

Female self pleasure is all about clitoral stimulation. The perfect shape enables easy sliding alongside the labia. You could even massage it over your clitoral nub. Just place it in the centre of the clitoral lips and press so as to close the lips enabling the bullet to be as your most sensitive central area and enjoy an out of the world feeling. If you are someone who enjoys direct stimulation you would receive utmost pleasure when the vibrating bullet is on your clitoral tip. The ‘bullet’ could even stimulate women who have lost sensitivity due to reasons like menopause etc. The positing of the toy plays an important in the whole process of masturbation, and different locations work good for different women, so you would need to figure out yours!

The ‘Bullet’ and Erogenous Stimulation

Sexual stimulation is not only about a bullet vibrator and your pussy. You could use in on your nipples, buttocks, inner thighs, lower abdomen, base of back or any other area of your gorgeous body you feel sensuous about. Try it on different spots and soon you would discover your erogenous zones! A good lubricant or massage oil and a bullet vibrator with a warming option could lead you to reached paths of ecstasy. Choosing a bullet like RO80mm Bullet that has a tapered tip could give you as precise vibrations on your body as thought tracing a pencil.

The ‘Bullet’ During Sex

A bullet vibrator can add the oomph factor when having sex with your guy too! It works when the sexual position implemented gives a clear access of the bullet to your clitoris. A vibrating massage coupled with sex is sure to leave you gasping for breath! Another awesome position is the ‘doggy style’ when you can relax your shoulders on a pillow and both your hands can guide the bullet vibrator to your sensor area while you guy has the complete access to your back! A vibrator and your guys penis inside you are sure to lead you to a thoroughly satisfying climax. Another superb way is letting the bullet get sandwiched between the two of you and you can have the complete hold of his body.

The ‘Bullet’ and Male Pleasure

Yes, your little wonder sex aid can be used to stimulate your man too! Massage the bullet on and around his penis, by applying a base of water based lubricant. Make the vibrating bullet play at the joining of the head to the shaft- the frenulum. Next let your little mischievous wonder attack his testicles and slowly move towards his perineum. By now, your guy is sure to be mad with this foreplay, so now is the time to grab some real action!

Last update: Aug 09, 2016

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