Using Nipple Clamps and Suckers

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There is no harm in adding excitement to your sex life and one of the easiest ways to do that is invest in innovative and exciting sex toys such as nipple clamps and nipple suckers. These fun devices are perfect for spicing up your otherwise dull and boring sex life and indulging in pleasure like never before. The best part about these sex toys is that you can either use them while engaging in sex with your partner or even enjoy with them all alone. Here, find out more about nipple clamps and nipple suckers and the ideal way to use them.

Why Nipple Clamps and Nipple Suckers?

Nipples are highly sensitive and reactive parts of a female’s body. So, if you wish to pep up your sex life and indulge in some dirty games and foreplay, then purchase some high-quality nipple clamps and nipple suckers. A recent survey has revealed that nipple stimulation arouses a woman’s genitals and around one percent of women achieve orgasm via stimulating nipples. Therefore, if you really intend to enjoy wild and exciting sex, then use nipple clamps and nipple suckers and nipple clamps and try out your new experiments. Today, you can invest in both sturdy and gentle nipple clamps and nipple suckers when it comes to seeking pure pleasure.

Nipple Suckers

Nipple suckers are very small shaped sex toys that are usually made of rubber. They function very similar to small sized suction pumps. In order to use them, one needs to simply depress the nipple suckers and then place them on your partner’s nipple, wherein you have applied the lube already. Thus, nipple suckers provide amazing sucking sensations that make the nipples erect and hard. Depending upon your preference, you can opt for metal based nipple suckers or other types of suckers that come with clit clamps too.

Nipple Clamps

These toys are ideal for people who enjoy pain at the time of having sex. Most of the nipple clamps are made of metal and come in tweezers style that puts extra pressure on the nipple, adding much more excitement to your sex life. Based on your liking, you could a wide range of nipple clamps including adjustable, non-adjustable and vibrating clamps.

Tips for Using Nipple Clamps and Suckers

In order to make the most of the nipple clamps and suckers, all you need to do is depress the bulb and place them over your partner’s nipples. Nipple suckers enhance the flow of blood as well as sensitivity and engorge the nipples, thereby erecting them and increasing sensation. You can always apply lubricant on your partner’s nipple so that they stay in place. Clamps are designed to provide you a pinching sensation, which can be overwhelming for some people who believe in enjoying sex the extraordinary way. In case you are using nipple clamps for the first time, make sure you choose clamps that come with screws that are adjustable. This helps you adjust to the pressure gradually so that you don’t feel the pinch really hard. Many people also use magnetic nipple clamps and EZone Nipple Arousers for extra enjoyment and pleasure.

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