Anal Sex, beyond inhibitions and prejudices

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Anal sex remains a taboo subject, though it is one of the greatest fantasies of all. Women are afraid of this kind of sex, but in their hearts most want to practice it. Men, in turn, find immense pleasure regarding anal sex. However, few women dare to leave their partners to explore their butts, especially because of the many myths that have been circulating on his account.

  • Anal sex is just awful - Anal sex should not hurt very much. Most times it is done incorrectly, however. Some women find it very pleasant, and many of them reach orgasm. If you start slowly and lubrication is plentiful, the pain will be your last thought. In addition, if you stimulate the clitoris during penetration, the anal pleasure will be more important than any pain.
  • Only women with practice say it is easy - Often, the anal sex is associated with bad girls or women of loose morals. In reality, it seems that bottom sex was voted number one sex behaviour of heterosexual couples. So obviously, this statement is only a myth. Mostly is primarily a natural curiosity and pleasure exploring our bodies.
  • It is sprinkling your sex life- Anal sex can greatly improve a couple's sex life. Men are curious by nature, and this type of sex will incite fully. It is one of their greatest fantasies.
  • May cause harm -This myth is true, because if not done correctly, anal sex could cause injuries. The anus and vagina are naturally moist, so it is very important that the sphincter be well lubricated before intercourse.
  • No need for condoms for anal sex-. Even if there is no risk of pregnancy, anal sex can result in the transmission of many diseases, such as gonorrhoea, infectious hepatitis or HIV. Also, because the lining of the anus is much thinner, friction can produce anal fissures.
  • The anus has widened -Like the myth of the vagina becomes hopelessly stretched at birth, this view is also wrong about the anus.

There were rumours in the late seventies that many people have lost anus muscle control because of anal sex. Through regular practice of this kind of sex, learn to relax muscles and there is no risk that it remains at large. Here are a few tips that you need to consider if you want to have an explosive game of love:

  • Maximum Lubrication -To avoid pain during anal sex must first have a good lubrication. The anus is a sensitive area and dry, so a silicone based lubricant is ideal. Do not be afraid to use it liberally, so the penis, and in the sphincter.
  • Progressive penetration - Anal intercourse should be done gradually as easy. Before taking action, you can easily stimulate sphincter fingers or anal toys. The penis is inserted easily, with delicate movements, more and more; easy penetration continues without sudden movements.
  • Correct position - Anal sex imposes certain positions. At first, the most appropriate is the missionary; where you sit back with your ass little high and your partner kneel. If you do not feel comfortable even in this position, try to sit on one side back to your partner.
  • Extended prelude- In order to have anal sex without pain, both partners must be excited at maximum, so prelude must be one as long and as relaxing. Before trying this sex type, you have to get used to the idea, to relax yourself mentally, so as not to be tense and leave normal sphincter muscles.

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