How you can last longer in bed

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Men who have to deal with premature ejaculation and last longer in bed need to focus on several aspects, if they really intend to boost their sex life. Such men can do a number of things right before and at the time of having sex to ensure that they enjoy their intercourse for longer periods. Here, find some suitable tips for staying longer in bed and enjoying sex like never before.

1. Stay Positive and Relax: Ejaculating early can leave you depressed both mentally and physically. This is precisely why, right before sex you should remain positive and relax as much as possible. Don’t label yourself as incompetent and be more confident and positive before you prepare for an intercourse.

2. Practice to become perfect: Masturbation is a very natural and healthy practice and when done on a regular basis, it will help you improve your power and stamina and also avoid premature ejaculation. In fact, it also helps you reduce anxiety and stress and familiarise yourself with your body so that you know when to change positions or slow down during sex.

3. Invest in a condom: Most of the men are of the opinion that condoms do not arouse feelings of sensations and pleasure at the time of sex. However, if you are truly looking to last longer in bed, then you should invest in a condom. Wearing a condom will not only help you delay ejaculation but also avoid STDs and pregnancies.

4. Reduce Consumption of Drugs, Tobacco and Alcohol: According to a survey, consuming tobacco, drugs and alcohol only leads to minimising your ability of controlling ejaculation. So, if you wish to enjoy sex for longer duration, then keep these substances at bay.

5. Indulge in foreplay: A study has revealed that couples that engage in foreplay tend to spend more time on bed in comparison to those who do not. Therefore, instead of engaging in sex right away, make sure you spend time cuddling, kissing and touching each other and you will automatically be able to avoid premature ejaculation.

6. Keep Changing Positions: If you continue changing positions at the time of having sex, then you will end up enjoying sex more. Changing positions not only gives you the opportunity to experiment but also shift your attention, which eventually helps you stay in bed longer.

7. Play Games with Her: Once you have successfully aroused her via oral sex, play games with her and rub your penis on vulva’s lips. Don’t indulge in sex right away and when you eventually have intercourse make small and slow movements and penetrate her vagina gradually. Try to maintain your composure as much as possible and enter her vagina repeatedly. This would help you prolong sex and stay in bed for longer periods.

8. Allow her to climb on top: Give your partner a chance to climb on your top as your penis is not very stimulated around that time. Ask your partner to go slow and feel the wet and warm inside of her vagina every time she rubs herself against you. Sex, when done at a slow pace allows you to enjoy more and indulge in intercourse for longer duration.

9. Invest in a Cock Ring: A well fitting cock ring will not only make your erection longer and stronger it will help you last longer. 

Last update: Aug 04, 2016

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