Nexus iSTIM ElectroStim Device

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Turn any of your Nexus toys into an electo sex stimulator with the iSTIM. Experience the pleasure and excite your nerve endings with a new kind of sexual play.
The small electrical impulses that are sent from this device will stimulate the nerve endings on you skin to deliver a scintillating sensation and give you the powerfully intense orgasms you deserve. The erogenous zones on both men and women contain a very high number of nerve endings and when stimulated can provide a pleasurable sensation.
Comes with 3 attachments and 4 medical grade connector pads. has two channels so can connect to 2 people or two toys at the same time. LCD display to you know the amount of stimulation it is sending.

Product Details

  • Product Code: iSTIM
  • Brand: Nexus Adult Toys
  • Colour: Black
  • Designed For Who?: Male
  • Flexability: Rigid
  • Products Power: 9v battery Included
  • Washable: Wipe down

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