How you should be storing your sex toys

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Most people first thoughts when thinking about how to store sex toys if they can store them somewhere discreet where nobody will accidentally find them. One thing you may not know is that by properly storing your sex toys you can extend the life of them as well. We have written a great guide on how to clean sex toys which will make them last longer but with proper storage you can go even further.

If, like many people, you normally throw your sex toys all together in a draw or under the bed without a second though then this guide may be of some advice to you.

You should be storing sex toys (especially Silicone, Jelly, Latex and Rubber) in separate bags. Without going into too much scientific details this is basically because some materials can react with each other if touching for extended periods of time. We have heard stories of toys sticking together, becoming warped and even melting.

Some of our products come with their own case or bag. Other people have purchased special bags such as the Lunch Boxxx Travel Case but a cheap and easy way to store you sex toys separately is to use Zip Seal bags for each toy. Bags like this can be brought from supermarkets like 20 from Tesco of £1.65.

Another thing you must remember is that sex toys must be thoroughly cleaned and dried before storage. If you have items that have a real skin feel such as Fleshlight or Fanta-Flesh products we also suggest using corn flower or Fleshlight Renew Powder to make the material stay fresh for longer.

Last update: Aug 15, 2016

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