How to choose a Sex Doll

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There are many men that use sex dolls and love it. If you are away often, have a busy work schedule or are single at the moment then a love doll can provide the satisfaction of a male masturbator but with the feel and flexibility of the real thing. You can enjoy the hands free penetration and simulation that you would with a partner.

To a novice the large range of sex dolls means they are left confused to what type they should buy. Many have heard or seen the cheap old school blow up sex dolls but have not been introduced to the new ultra realistic sex dolls and advances in blow up sex dolls.

Jezebel Ryding Blow Up Sex Doll

Blow Up Sex Dolls

When talking about blow up sex dolls you should really class them as two categories. The blow up sex dolls and the realistic blow up sex dolls.

Blow up sex dolls are allot cheaper and more basic than their realistic counterparts. They may have multiple insertion holes but will not normally include a masturbator. With plenty of sexual lubricant you can use these dolls straight out of the box but you can improve your enjoyment by adding a masturbator to your blow up sex doll.

Allot of men when already own a pocket pussy or male masturbator but a basic blow up sex doll to use with their toy.

Jezebel Ryding Blow Up Sex Doll

Blow Up Realistic Sex Dolls

These are the extra luxury versions of the blow up sex doll. They can come with their own built in or removable masturbators, multiple penetration holes (including vagina, anus and mouth), realistic face, vibrating devices and built in pumps.

Realistic Blow Up Sex dolls are made of better materials than the basic blow up dolls and will take more aggressive use.

The look of these dolls are generally much more attractive. They can come with realistic faces with hair, eyes and penetrative mouth, molded hands and feet and working vagina and anus.

Fuck Me Silly Mega Masturbator 2

Lifelike Sex Dolls

These are the crème de la crème of sex doll. Instead of being blow up these amazing devices are sold made and heavy. They allow the user to have sex with them exactly like they would with a real sex doll.

The dolls are made of materials that are designed to feel exactly like real skin. The materials like Fanta Flesh, UR3 and CyberSkin are often exclusive to the manufacturer but are very similar.

These toys are allot more expensive than even realistic blow up dolls but are well worth the money. They do not always come with a head or arm (like the Fuck Me Silly Masturbator pictured) but the work that has been put into the body means that this will not be missed.

Because of their size and weight it can be hard to store and move these sex dolls. Allot of people keep them under the bed or in the wardrobe. They also take more care to keep these dolls in top condition making sure they are washed correctly and use or regeneration powder to keep the skin texture firm.

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