Using and Enjoying Double Dildos

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A double ended dildo is not just twice, but four times more fun than a simple one and is object of erotica in the world of sex toys. It is a is a long shaft of sturdy but smooth rubber using which double penetration is possible due to a moulded head at either ends. It finds place between two partners and on a solo trail too. They come in a wide choice of colours, length, shapes and textures. So now, the wildest of your desires of sharing the pegging fun with a partner are on the verge of turning into a reality! Enjoy the dirty play and get lost in the world of powerful internal sensations.

Solo Quest

If you want to fly to the world of ecstasy solo, here is a flight you need to catch. Best is choosing a flexible double-ended dildo for the awesome grip. Begin by lubricating each end of your little gadget, followed by positioning yourself with back on the bed. By raising you hips a little with the help of pillows, insert one end in the vagina continue holding on to the other one for grip. Move it in such way that it rocks the inner more cods of you hidden desire and gives you the deepest of the pleasures. You could even get a double shot by inserting one end in your vagina and the end in your anus, if that is what gets you wild. But, whatever be the insertion scenario and location, do not forget to use a generous quantity of a good water base lubricant on both the ends of the dildo for the whole play session.

Two to Tango

Begin the duet sex game by choosing a firmer version of the penis imitation gadget available in the market. Enjoy the world of double world of pleasure explode when both of you back onto each end of the thing and race towards an orgasm. Be it anus to anus, anus to vagina, vagina to vagina-in other words girl to boy or boy to boy or girl to girl partners.

You would need to work a little on balance, positioning and need loads of openness in communication between the two of you to explore the realm of double dildos. You would have to let your partner know what feels good and when to stop. Also, its better if you let one of you handle the dong and the other just enjoys the experience! You would take some time to realist what kind of rhythm works for the both of you, and once you have learnt it, imagine the pleasure you would get when you partner is the one doing it for you, and you are speed racing towards multiple orgasm, all with one thing in mind to add to the oomph, the other end of the mischievous little thing is in inside your partner!

One good position could be both the partners kneeling on all fours, one behind the other. Another is sitting facing each other; legs slightly bend and spread wide. You could also try standing a little bend and back to back and moving back and forth on your long dong. These are just a few, and sky is the limit to try out duet positions, so let your imaginations run high, making sure not to get disappointed very soon.

Last update: Aug 09, 2016

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