What Are Chastity Belts And How To Use Them?

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Chastity is usually related with abstinence but it’s not merely about avoiding sex. A number of couples resort to chastity to pep up their sex lives. Therefore, if you are fond of chastity then you could opt for a chastity belts or devices, which would enhance your fantasies pertaining to chastity. Here, find comprehensive information and details regarding different types of chastity belts, tips for using them, brief history and facts related to chastity.

Different Types of Chastity Belts and their Usage:

In order to enhance their sexual life, many people indulge in chastity pleasure and playing. To fulfil their chastity fantasies, people use different types of chastity belts that are both safe and convenient to use.

Padlock and Key
When it comes to chastity playing, most of the people take it as a sexual game and not a lifestyle. Thus, many of them use Padlock and Key to indulge in pleasure. In order to play this game, people lock their partner in the chastity device and thereafter start teasing them. Once their partner is out of control, they are freed from the device and they indulge in pleasure. To enjoy this type of game better, you can use waist belts, metal based cages and harnesses to meet your needs better.

Traditional Chastity Belts
The traditional chastity belts are usually bought owing to their aesthetic appearance. They are extremely bulky and designed for movement restriction. These are padlocked at the crotch/waist and you cannot move around much in them.

Male Chastity Belts
Male chastity belt features a circular horizontal band that is used for encircling the waist and a shield that is attached to frontal portion of the waist belt. This shield extends downwards for covering the genital parts of the wearer. The male chastity belts feature a penis tube that is secured right behind the front shield. Some male chastity belts come with a specially designed cage that covers the testicles. Most of the belts are made of high-quality stainless steel and some of them are made of fibreglass composite as well. Most of the belts are secured with padlocks.

Female chastity belt
The female chastity belts are traditional patterned belts that have a band around the hips or waist area. These belts also feature a shield that run between the legs and are used for covering the genitals. They evoke fantasies and urge for sex as they feature sexy accessories. For instance, the shield may contain a slot for holding a dildo inside the vagina of the wearer, which can only be removed by the key-holder.

Many chastity belts come with perforated covers also referred to as secondary shield that ensures that the wearer does not get pinched while sitting. The chastity belts that come with a thongs feature a single strap that runs in between the buttocks right till the buttocks. This could either be a cable coated with plastic and featuring a single strap running in between the buttocks till the waistband. The V shaped chastity belts come with a pair of cables and chains that are attached together towards the bottom of the shield.

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