Beginners Guide to Bondge Toys

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A huge number of people are excited by the thought of kinky bondage play. Be it being the submissive slave tied up whilst being teased or the dominating master making your partner submit into the knee trembling pleasure you force upon them.

The problem for many newbies is the vast array of bondage toys available. Here at SexToys123 we understand the confusion so have written up a quick guide for you to have a better understanding of the world of BDSM and Bondage Play.

  • Bondage Kits

    Amazing Bondage Sex Toy Kit

    The best way to kick off your bondage gear is with a bondage kit. These are all in one kits that are normally designed for beginners. They normally include some restraints, masks or gags and a paddle or whip. Some kits can be specialist, such as Hogtie Kit, but most have a verity of bondage toys for you to play with. We suggest the Fetish Fantasy Series from Pipedream to kick start your bondage play. It comes with a number of kits and a large verity of bondage toys to add to your collection.

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  • Wrist and Ankle Restraints

    Mand and Woman with Sex Restraints attached to a bed

    Comfortable and easy to use, wrist and ankle restraints allow submissive restraint without the hassle. Simply attach the cuffs to your or you partners wrists or ankles and the other end to a solid frame such as a bed, chair or door frame. We also stock sex restraints that can attach to the body (such as wrist to thigh, ankle to ankle, neck to wrist etc.) to allow for extra movement while the submissive is just as restrained.

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  • Sex Handcuffs

    Womans arms with handcuffs on

    Handcuffs are a form of wrist restraint (detailed above). They are a very convenient way to quickly restrain your partner. They can be attached to a solid frame like a bed or used to restrain wrists together. They will normally come in the metal police style but do have many varieties that vary in comfort and usability.

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  • Ball Gags and Bits

    woman wearing the Mouth Gag And Nipple Chain

    A gag is designed to muffle the wearer without impending breathing too much. They are to be work by the submissive partner to make them feel even more helpless. Usually strapped around the head with the gag or bit placed in the mouth between the lips and teeth. Gags come in a verity of shapes and sizes. The standard ball gag (like the Mouth Gag and Nipple Chain pictured) is normally a rubber ball that can come with breathing holes. Bits are a longer bar that can be made of wood or rubber that the wearer should bit down on. Penis gags are similar to ball gags but are shaped like a penis and should be held in the moth. Open mouth gags (like the Gag with Smile Hooks) are normally made of metal and hold the mouth open making communication hard.

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  • Bondage Rope and Tape

    Womain tied up with bondage rope

    Both Bondage Rope and Tape are designed to be used to restrain the submissive partner. Because of their versatility they allow more creativity than restraints or handcuffs. Bondage Tape is strong and thick tape that can be wrapped around your partner. It is designed to not stick to hair so can be removed without too much discomfort. Some tape is built so it can be reused. Bondage rope is a soft thick rope that is used to tie up the submissive partner. It is specially designed to be used to tie up people so should not be substituted with standard rope that can cause burns and discomfort.

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  • Sex Whips

    leather clad woman with long sex whip

    Sex whips come in a verity of shapes and sizes design to inflict different sensations when used. Floggers are whips that have multiple ends designed to hit the skin at the same time. This spreads the force used and is normally less painful than single surface whips. Riding whips and canes are more solid and allow for easier control of pain inflicted. They can be very painful if used full force as they only have a small impact surface and are easily swung.

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  • Spanking Paddles

    blonde woman holding a wooden paddle

    Spanking Paddles are a flat device with a handle. They are normally made of wood of plastic and can have a leather skin that is not as hard against the skin. Paddles come with a verity of textures or can be flat. They are designed primarily for spanking and allow for good control of force. They will normally be used in sensation play by giving the spanked a rush of adrenaline when hit.

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  • Bondage Collars

    man with bondage collar on

    A collar is often work as a symbol of ownership. It can be used alone or have a lead attached to the ring at the front, giving the dominant partner more control over their submissive movement. This can make the submissive partner feel even more helpless during bondage play. They can also be worn for fashion purposes giving the bondage play a more authentic feel.

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  • Sexy Masks and Blindfolds

    brunette wearing a leather blindfold

    Masks can be worn during bondage play to create a more authentic feel to your bedroom antics. Blindfolds are designed to remove the wearers sight making them even more helpless and submissive during BDSM play. With a blindfold on the submissive is unable to see what their partner is going to do. Taking away this sense can heighten other senses making touch even more sensitive and enjoyable.

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  • Bondage Masks & Hoods

    man wearing a full bondage hood

    Bondage Hoods are a more extreme version of blindfolds. They don't only take away the wearers sense of sight but can make them completely unaware of their surroundings. This sensory deprivation can make the user more helpless and submissive but also allows them to concentrate fully on the pleasure that is being applied increasing sensation to the rest of the body.

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  • Nipple Clamps

    woman wearing nipple clamps

    Nipple clamps should be clipped onto the nipples during bondage play. Depending on the device they can cause increased sensitivity, enlargement of the nipples or light pain. Most will be adjustable to allow you or your partner to control the sensation. Vibrating nipple clamps work the same but the vibrating effects can increase sensation. After use your nipple will be much more sensitive to touch which can also be incorporated into your play.

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