Lubrication - smoothes your way to the perfect orgasm!

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Over your sex life you noticed how are women different from men, speaking about sexual preference, the libido, what expectations do women have after a sex and much more. Women need certain conditions (emotional safety, plenty of time, as little stress) to take advantage of a sexual game. The majority’s conclusion is that the woman is the one who dictates the mood in bed, frequency of sex parties and their quality. The most annoying obstacle, one that ruin everything is lubrication. And everything "decide" if there will be a great sex session.

Where begins lubrication?

Vaginal secretions depend on estrogen hormones secreted by the ovaries. An adequate number of estrogen will give a normal lubrication. The Bartholen glands, glands with secretory function, located at the entrance of the vagina are the ones you release natural lubricant. Since the beginning of arousal, lubrication occurs in 10 to 30 seconds. The amount of vaginal discharge varies from woman to woman and, at the same woman, from period to period. So chances are you do fall into one of two categories: you're too much lubricant (intercourse becomes unsatisfactory for you and for him because there is friction) or too little (intercourse is painful for both of you, especially for you - the feeling of burning, tingling, pressure). Both situations are unpleasant and affect your sex life.

Insufficient lubrication

There are many conditions that affect natural wet vagina. Menopause, smoking, drugs (ulcer, antidepressants, antihypertensives) cause low levels of estrogen in the body. The vaginal walls become inelastic and dry. The amount of estrogen can be adjusted by means of a treatment, and you will regain your normal lubrication.

Other physical causes affecting vaginal discharge are:

  • Vaginal infections (including symptoms and have low lubrication);
  • Disturbance of vaginal acidity (pH adjusted vagina have estrogen and Doderline bacilli, which must be maintained quotas, disruption of having poor lubrication effect; the normal pH of the vagina is a little acid to protect you against bacteria).
  • More difficult is when the cause is emotional one. Sometimes even the thought of penetration painful contributes to lack of lubrication. The tension in the relationship, boredom (no longer find attractive), a prelude hasty affect arousal during sex, and thus lubrication. Good communication with your partner and much comprehension of him will help you to get a better lubrication.
  • Birth control pills: it seems that they affect lubrication being responsible for the variation of libido (sexual desire). A low libido brings a poor lubrication.
  • Condoms: Some types can irritate and affect lubrication.

If you have eliminated all causes and the problem still persists, you can use artificial lubricants. Try water-based lubricants, for the oil may affect the condom and diaphragm protection.

Lubrication abundance

Vaginal discharge may be in excess. In this case too much lubricant reduces friction and power, as well as the pleasure. Your boyfriend will feel "man" if he will see your wet well, right from the start. In addition, excessive lubrication is not associated with other diseases (such as vaginal infections) or certain medications (not including hormonal supplements).

Therefore, it is advisable to communicate with your partner and find solutions together until you get to the gynecologist. Here are some options that will help you overcome the problem of excessive lubrication:

  • Try positions that favor contact with him: sit with legs as close to high friction, and hence pleasure;
  • Alternate several positions in the same game: thus diminishes lubrication, but must have good physical condition. Alternating positions are beneficial for your lover if he ejaculates too quickly.
  • Masters Kegel exercises: it is a trick vital to improve the effect of excess lubrication. Tighten your vaginal muscles whenever you can, and thus have the chance to feel intense intercourse despite abundant vaginal secretion.
  • You can use ribbed condoms as their role is to emphasize the friction of the vaginal walls.

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