How does a Sex Swing Work?

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A sex swing is specifically designed to help improve sexual intercourse. It can also be used to aid certain other sexual activities such as BDSM, teasing and masturbation. Even though people who use sex swings greatly benefit from them, most are not certain about how does a sex swing work.

Attributes of sex swings

So let’s take a look at some of the basic attributes that make sex swings a great choice for sexual activities:   

  • The main utility associated with these swings is mobility. When you are just having sex in bed, there is only a few ways for you to move freely. With the help of a swing, you and your partner’s mobility significantly increase.
  • Another important aspect due to the free mobility associated with sex swings is that you can now enjoy different sex positions without hurting your body posture. They are really flexible and can be used for versatile sex positions.
  • Couples with any form of physical disability can utilise sex swings to enjoy themselves fully without worrying about anything. It does not stress out your muscles and can get accustomed to your body very well.

Why do people use sex swings?

For most couples, sex swings add an aesthetic pleasure to their sexual activities. They are fun to use, and give a lot of pleasure to those who use it properly. However for people with muscular pain or any form of arthritis, these sex swings can certainly help to overcome their problems – making their sex life much better.

Quick tips to make sex better with swings

If you are looking for some quick tips on sex swings that will make your sex way better and more sensual, take a look here:

  • Always go for any elastic or comfortable materials while choosing your swing. This ensures your partner’s comfort, while providing you with intense gratification.
  • Always make sure to set up those swings in an offset manner so as to allow better mobility.
  • Always check the strength of the harness – your swing should be able to hold at least twice the weight of your partner, making thrusting and swinging much easier.
  • Remember that your primary goal in a sex swing is to gain accessibility to your partner’s “sweet spots”. Hence always opt for a spacious swing for better access to please your partner.

These simple tips and instructions have improved the sex life of a lot of couples. They use swings for fun and to spice up their sexual encounters. It is also perfect for some bondage play, and coupled with sex toys, function greatly. So if you are interested go check one out for yourself.  

Last update: Aug 15, 2016

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