Lelo Vibrators: Quality Pleasure Devices

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Lelo is a Swedish sex toy manufacturer that is globally renowned for making some of the highest quality vibrators available today. As a sex toys manufacturer Lelo is unique as it keeps all processes of design and manufacture ring in house. This allows them to be sure of the quality of their sex toys allowing them to be the recipient of many industry awards including the coveted Red Dot Design Award twice.

Like other high quality sex toys, Lelo Vibrators are not cheap (£50 - £150) but most users would agree they are well worth the higher price tag. The features, build quality and durability of these amazing vibrators make splashing a bit of extra cash more economical in the long run.

LELOi AB was set up in 2002 by top designers Eric Kalen and Carl Magnuson as well as engineer Filip Sedic. The company began with only 10 employees working from their Stockholm headquarters but has grown to employ over 600 employees and have worldwide offices.

Lelo has been a pioneer in many design innovations. They were one of the first sex toy manufacturers to utilize design concepts that did not represent the human anatomy but concentrate on sex toys that not only look like works of art but are shaped to bring you maximum pleasure.

Our Favorite Lelo Vibrators

  1. Lelo Soraya Clitoral Vibrator

    Lelo Soraya (£110.49)

    This beautiful vibrator would look right at place in an art museum but it has not just been designed with looks in mind. Wrapped in smooth silicone the Soraya has a velvety feel that is a pleasure just to hold. With its flexible stimulator individual motors positioned at each pleasure point and 8 unique vibration modes this vibrator will bring pleasure to your body as well as your eyes.

    Buy the Lelo Soraya

  2. Lelo Elise 2 Black Luxury Rechargeable Vibrator

    Lelo Elise 2 (£87.54)

    The Elise 2 is the updated version of its best selling predecessor. It is not twice as strong as the Elise and boast 8 vibration modes. The powerful dual motors are located in the base and at the tip to give this vibrator a fuller felling vibration. It is 100% waterproof, Rechargeable and is shaped to provide you with intense G-Spot stimulation.

    Buy Lelo Elise 2

  3. Lelo Tiani 3 Deep Rose Luxury Rechargeable Massager

    Lelo Tiani 3 (£101.14)

    The upgraded version of Lelos Red Dot Design Award winning couples vibrator the Tiani 3 is packed full of features for you to enjoy during sex. It is design to be work by the woman during sex and is operated by Lelo SenseMotion™ controls. The powerful vibrations are targeted to bring you to sexual ecstasy during intercourse stimulating the clitoris and G-Spot while also bringing extra pleasure to your partner as they penetrate you.

    Buy the Lelo Tiani 3

  4. Lelo Smart Wand Large Black Rechargeable Vibrator

    Lelo Smart Wand (£92.65)

    Magic Wand vibrators are a well known pleasure device and Lelo have revolutionized the ultimate in Wand Vibrators. The Smart Wand is more powerful, better looking and packed full of more features than any other wand vibrator on the market today.

  5. Lelo Ina Orange

    Lelo Ina (£80.71)

    With its dual action feature the Ina will reach all your erogenous zones. The function that really sets this vibrator apart is the "Circular Mode" that allows one area to heighten intensity while restricting vibration elsewhere. This transfers the pleasure creating a sense of motion .

  6. Lelo Hula Beads Blue

    Lelo Hula Beads (£102.00)

    The Lelo Hula is a remote controlled vibrating beads that rotate and vibrate at the same time. Give your partner the remote so they can control your pleasure using Lelos amazing SenseMotion technology

  7. Lelo Gigi Version 2 Deep Rose

    Lelo Gigi Version 2 (£10.00)

    The Gigi is one of the most positively reviewed pleasure items we have seen. The flat tip allows you to explore you erogenous zones, especially the elusive G-Spot, with ease and it is now 100% more powerful than the previous version.

Last update: Aug 02, 2016

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