The Very Strange History of Sex Toys - Infographic

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We have put together another Infographic for your enjoyment. I think this one is the best we have done and probably the most fun to read. Take a look at the amazing history of adult toys through the ages.

A great infographic detailing the long strange history of sex toys

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33,000 B.C. - The oldest erotic art was discovered in Germany 2009. Named the Venus of Hohle Fel it is thought to be a fertility symbol.

28,000 B.C. - The oldest discovered Dildo is a relative average 7 1/2 inch phallus made of siltstone. This was also found in a cave in Germany.

500 B.C. - Ancient Greek soldiers would give their lovers Olisbos (dildos) made of wood and leather while they were at war to prevent hysteria

350 B.C. - In Aristotle’s History of the Animals he mentions the use of Olive Oil as a Sexual Lubricant. Large Oil vats have also been discovered in ancient brothels

50 B.C. - A strange but funny myth is that the Egyptian ruler Cleopatra invented a rudimentary vibrator by putting angry bees into a Gourd - BUT it is true that the ancient Egyptians were obsessed with cleanliness and shaved every bit of hair on their body, including pubic hair

500 A.D. - The world famous Karma Sutra was written by Hindu philosopher Vātsyāyana. It has been used for centuries as the ultimate guide to erotic sex and sexual positions. One part of the Karma sutra describes various penis enlargement methods. By far the strangest has to be rubbing your penis with wasp stingers

500 A.D. - In ancient Japan Geisha Balls are originally invented for men but soon become used by women to enhance arousal and strengthen the outer vaginal muscles

1,200 A.D. - In China cock rings are used to increase girth and stamina. They were made from various different materials such as ivory & jade, some were made from Goat's Eyelids

1,564 A.D. - The middle ages are not renowned for sexual liberation but they did bring along the condom. It was designed by Gabriele Falloppio to prevent the ‘French disease’

1,734 A.D. - Originally used to treat hysteria in women the vibrator was invented in France. It relied on being wound up and resembled a sanding block

1,869 A.D. - The first steam powered vibrator was invented in America and was named the manipulator. This invention was heralded by doctors who were complaining about sore hands

1,902 A.D. - The Hamilton Beach Company patented the first electric vibrator for personal use. It was designed similar to a modern day magic wand vibrator and was one of the first household electrical items

1,964 A.D.  - The very first Sex Shop was opened in West Germany by Beate Uhse AG. Since then sex business has blown up estimated to be worth over 15 Billion USD per year.
With the boom in online sex shopping it is expected to continue to grow

Then was launched and the future of online sex shopping suddenly looked brighter.

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