What You Didn't Know About the Vibrator - Infographic

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I have put together another infographic about sex toys. This time we concentrate on the vibrator. In this infographic I have researched and put together a few facts about vibrators that you probably do not know.

The vibrator is by far the most popular sex toy in the world. It has hundreds of different varieties and although features have improved it has been doing its amazing job for over 100 years.

SexToys123 have hundreds of vibrators in stock from the classic rabbit to g-spot stimulators, vibrating love eggs to magic wand vibrators and everything in-between. It may come in many shapes and sizes but whatever vibrator you are looking for we are sure you will be able to find it here.

infographic giving you facts you probably didn't know about the vibrator

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Invented for Doctors - The first vibrators were designed to be used by doctors for treating hysteria in women. Apparently their arms were getting tired

Banned for Pleasure - After it was discovered that women actually derived pleasure from this treatment, in America they were promptly banned

The 5th Electronic Device - Only 4 electronic consumer products came before the electric vibrator. The the sewing machine, fan, tea kettle, and toaster

Most People Have Tried One - According to the 2009 British Sex Survey from Durex 53.19% of Women have used a vibrator. If you have not you are in the minority

Rabbit for Legal Reasons - The famous rabbit vibrator is only shaped that way for legal reasons. In Japan it was against the law to make a toy that resembled a penis

Recession Proof - Numerous studies have shown that women are not willing to give up their vibrator. During the recent recession sales of vibrators have been steadily increasing

They are Good for You - Using Vibrators and Similar Sex Toys have shown to reduce cramps, rejuvenate circulation & lubrication of the vagina and clitoris tissues and can even lower stress. Combined with the pleasurable times a vibrator will give you every women should have one in their toy box.

Last update: Aug 09, 2016

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