Product Spotlight: Bathmate Penis Pumps

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Bathmate advertise themselves as the world top selling penis enlargement device with a twist. In this article I am going to explain what it is and how the Bathmate works.

What is Bathmate and How Does it Work?

Bathmate was invented as an improved penis pump. According to their website the inventor of Bathmate wanted to improve his penis length as it was reducing due to weight lifting. When he did some research into penis pumps he decided that they were not of a sufficient quality and believed he could design a better pump.

The Bathmate has received many great reviews and is considered one of the best penis pumps around. If you take a look on the internet you will see many people praising its results but as I have not run enough tests I am not in a position to comment on the effects of using Bathmate compared with other penis pumps.

One thing I can comment on is how easy and comfortable it is to use. There are no additional pumps and it is very well designed and has a sturdy construction.

The Bathmate come in a number of varieties including the Bathmate Original, Bathmate Goliath (for larger penises) and the New improved Bathmate Hydro Max.

Unlike most penis pumps the Bathmate uses water to create the vacuum (it can be used in the bath or shower) and increases the length of your penis by expanding the tunica and inner tissues.

The internal Structure of the penis

Your penis is divided up into three chambers and the corpora cavernosa are the two large ones on the top that are filled with blood when aroused. The amount of blood you can hold in there chambers depends on the amount of blood these chambers can hold. The Bathmate is designed to develop these chambers to become larger and stronger.

The reason Bathmate uses water instead of air like other penis pumps is that air can act more like a sponge (as gas can be compressed more than a liquid) and this can result in uneven vacuum concentrating on weaker areas such as the foreskin. Using a liquid is more efficient and and result into a more even vacuum.

How to Use the Bathmate Penis Pump

In the Bath

  1. Fill the bath and get in as normal. Once in the bath submerge the Bathmate until it has completely filled up with water.
  2. Keeping the hole submerged in the water put your penis inside.
  3. Push the Bathmate downwards to your pelvis several times to create a vacuum. This is where you will start to fee pressure building up. You may need to push down a number of times until no more water is released out of the top valve.
  4. Now that you cannot pump any further you should now wait for 5 mins.
  5. Every 5 minutes you should try pumping down once again. (as you penis is expanding you will force more water from the top valve)
  6. After a couple of attempts you should reach the optimum vacuum (make sure you feel comfortable and are not in any pain, if you are feeling too much pressure or discomfort then you can activate the pressure release at the top to relieve)
  7. Now you should wait around 15 minutes the remove the unit by releasing the pressure by pressing the pressure release at the top of the unit.

In the Shower

  1. You should shower for a few minutes to loosen up the scrotum (this will make it easier to use)
  2. You fill the Bathmate under the shower holding onto the bottom in order to stop the water escaping
  3. Put your penis into the unit and push to create the vacuum (you may require multiple pumps just like the bath method)
  4. Leave on for 15 minutes and release using the top valve.

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How to use the bathmate penis pump

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Last update: Aug 09, 2016

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