Tenga Masturbators: Japans little secret

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Fleshlight is a very popular male masturbator toy in the UK but Tenga Masturbators might just be the next big thing. Manufactured in Japan by Tenga Co. Ltd they are already incredibly popular in Asia and have already won many design awards. The Japanese are very well known for innovate designs and forward thinking attitude and all of this applies to the Tenga range.

This toy is not deigned to resemble the vagina at all but to be a simple and easy to use masturbator that feels as good as possible, this means that the device does not necessarily have movements that are equivalent to natural movements, giving you a completely new sensation.

Tenga Onacup masturbators

The Tenga Onacup range offers a disposable masturbator each with their own texture and feeling. Like all Tenga Masturbators the internal area is made of elastomer. You can adjust the air intake which controls the pressure and how tight the masturbator feels. The different textures are Soft Tube Cup (with softer materials so you can adjust the grip on the penis more), Deep Throat Cup (provides a sucking sensation by creating internal vacuums), Air Cushion Cup (has 24 air filled chambers that cling to your penis) and Double Hole Cup (which has 2 different holes, one tight and the other loose so you can change sensation as you go)

Tenga Soft Tube Cup

Tenga Rolling Head Cup

This special Onacup has unique movements thanks to its bellows in the middle allowing greater movement allowing it to be swiveled to your preference. This type of movement is nothing like you would have felt before and does not resemble a vagina at all. If you are looking for a masturbation experience that is something a bit different then the Tenga Rolling Head Cup is the perfect masturbator for you.

Tenga Rolling Head Cup

Tenga Flip Hole

This new masturbator from Tenga is probably their most innovate yet. This is a multi function masturbator that can easily be flipped open (hence the name) and cleaned that will also bring you into a state of new ecstasy. The internal silicone sleeve has many different bumps and ridges designed to give you a unique sensation that many men think is better than a vagina. The buttons on the side are used to adjust the pressure and in turn how tight the masturbator hold your penis. The Flip hole is the first reusable masturbator from Tenga and can be brought from SexToys123 for only £55.21.

Tenga Flip Hole Masturbator

Tenga 3D Masturbator

The 3D is called so because it the unique textures are designed to be turned inside out for easy cleaning. The super-soft masturbator is nicely malleable so you can adjust the sensation yourself and each version has different textures so you can find the sensation right for you. The textures are; Zen, Pile, Polygon, Module and Spiral. They are all available from SexToys123.co.uk for £29.75

Tenga 3D Masturbator

Tenga Egg

Stretchy, cheap and easy; these are words that fit the Tenga Egg exactly. They are not as strong or long lasting as the Flip Hole or 3D but can be easily cleaned for multiple uses. They resemble an Easter egg and are designed to be stretched over the penis. Each egg has its own texture to create a different sensation and comes with a packet of lube to make your masturbation even better. We have 10 types of Tenga Egg including Misty, Crater, Thunder and Twister. The RRP for the egg is &8.00 but you can buy them for only £6.80 from SexToys123.co.uk

Tenga Egg

Last update: Aug 02, 2016

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