Why are Fleshlight Masturbators so Popular?

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Last year Fleshlight sold their 5th million unit but why is it so very popular. 

If you don't know what a Fleshlight is then you are missing out. Started in 1995 Fleshlight is a quality male masturbator designed to look like a Flashlight. Made out of phthalate-free polymer material called "Real Feel Superskin" the insert is designed to fell similar to the soft skin of a woman.

As time has gone by the Fleshlight has evolved to include many different colours (such as Ice or Alien), 3 different orifices (Vagina, Mouth and Anus) and 48 different internal textures (including Vibro, Speed Bump and Wonder Wave). There have also been accessories to improve your Fleshlight experience, we currently stock the Bullet upgrade, which will bring some vibration to your experience or the much more advanced Virtual Reality Sex Simulator which interacts with your movements.

With all this choice combined with their patented Real Feel Superskin inserts the Fleshlight has quickly become the most sort after male sex toy on the market. The video below has some more information on how the Fleshlight is used and why it is so great.

Video Transcript

The Fleshlight is the number one selling sex toys for men. The discreet durable plastic case is designed to look like an ordinary flashlight but the secret is inside.

Underneath the top cap the patented life like super skin material simulates intercourse and feels as good as the real thing.

The rear cap of the case can be loosened or tightened to regulate airflow during use. Allowing you to dial in the perfect amount of tightness and suction.

To use the Fleshlight simply open the top cap and remove the sleeve from its case. Then soak the sleeve in warm water. This Fleshlight sleeve is designed to retain heat to maximize the lifelike experience. After a few minuets the sleeve will be ready to use.

Place the sleeve back in the case and apply generous portion of water-based lubricant to the sleeve and yourself.

Use your Fleshlight until climax.

Cleaning your Fleshlight is very simple. First remove the Fleshlight sleeve from the case and run water through it. Then wash out the case and both of the caps. Once clean store the Fleshlight sleeve and case in a well ventilated area so that your Fleshlight will completely dry.

Following these simple care instructions will ensure your Fleshlight will last a life time.

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Last update: Aug 11, 2016

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