Top 5 Outdoor Sex Locations

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Summer is in full swing and now the sun is out we thought we would put together a fun guide on our 5 favorite places to have sex outdoors. There is nothing like the feeling of the sun on your naked skin whilst making love and these locations are ideal for the perfect outdoor sex.

  1. Have sex on the beach

    Sex on the Beach

    This is an Old Classic and to some considered the ultimate in romance and I can see why. The beach is beautiful, sunset over the sea, crashing of the tide and the warm soft sand. Also there is a lot of space on most beaches making it easier to find a secluded location to get down with it. Seams perfect but one thing that most people don't have in their fantasy is taking most of the beach with you once it is all over. Sex on the beach is fun and getting wrapped up in the moment will feel great but make sure you wash the sand out of your intimate areas once it is all over.

  2. Have in a swimming pool

    Hot Tub or Swimming Pool

    Hot tubs can be used all year round and some might say it is even better when it is cold out but in my opinion there is very little better then sex in a pool on a hot day. The look of your partner glistening in the sun combined with the feeling of the sun on your back and the coolness of the water is enough to drive anyone crazy with pleasure. Unfortunately unless you are one of the lucky few finding a pool for this experience can sometimes be rather difficult.

  3. Have sex when camping


    A night under the stars in a remote field sounds like pure romantic pleasure to many couples and a camping trip is the ideal place for you and your partner to experience a sexual right of passage. Having sex on a clear night staring up to the infinite stars above you is a fantasy that many people have and few are disappointed when the experience it. Just make sure its a warm summers night, it can get a bit nippy in the winter.

  4. Have sex in the woods

    In the woods

    There is something primal about taking your partner for a quickie in the bushes and that is why a walk through the woods can turn into an amazing romantic experience. Because of all the trees and shrubbery the time of day matters much less with this location just move of the beaten path and find a private spot and get at it. The exhilaration will drive you and your partner insane.

  5. Have sex in your garden

    Your Garden

    This may seam boring but the reason your own garden is top of our list of because of the ease of access. You can have sex in the garden every night of the summer if you so wished and the exhilaration you will get from being potentially caught or heard by a neighbour can make garden sex a hobby that you may find hard to stop.

What are your experiences with outdoor sex? Is there anywhere we have missed? Let us know in the comments below.

Last update: Aug 02, 2016

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