10 Sexy Bedroom Games You Should Try

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In even the most sexually health relationships some saucy bedroom game can really spice up or just add a bit of fun to a naughty evening. I have detailed below 10 of my top suggestions for game you can play with your partner in the bedroom (or any room you feel like).

  1. Sexy Twister

    What You need: a twister mat
    How to Play: We will start off with a simple one. Basically play twister with your clothes off. It is actually allot of fun moving over each others naked bodies in some strange positions total exposed to your partner.
    Other Tips: You could try removing an item of clothing with each spin but this can get difficult if you are in a strange position. Maybe your partner will be able to give you a hand.

  2. Don’t Get Caught!

    What You need: a dirty mind and some courage
    How to Play: Make a list together of tasks that need to be performed in public within a certain time frame. You must then have these completed. This is a good game to play if you are going to boring event together or on a weekend away. Just try not to get caught.
    Other Tips: Ideas for tasks can vary from the tame such as "caress my thigh" to "put your hand down my pants for 2 minutes" to "have sex within hearing distance of other people"

  3. Mirror

    What You need: nothing
    How to Play: Each of you perform different acts on each other such as touching or licking certain areas of your partners body. They must the reciprocate the action in the exact same place. This is a great game to find out where your partner likes to be touched.
    Other Tips: Introduce some toys into this game such as the Playful Tickler or a Purple Suede Flogger

  4. Mystery Toy

    What You need: an array of different items and a blindfold
    How to Play: You slowly caress your partners naked body, while they are blind folded, with a number of different items. You must continue to move the item around their body until they guess correctly.
    Other Tips: Use a number of different items with different textures. Sexy items such as adult toys or panties are a great idea for this game. For more fun try an throw your partner a curve-ball with items the feel like other items (such as a banana for a dildo) or items they would never expect.

  5. Dice Play

    What You need: a pair of dice
    How to Play: There are two ways to play this game. One is to write down 11 tasks that correspond to different throws of the dice (so if you roll a 8 you must lick your partners inner thigh). Remember that middle number like 7 and 8 are going to come up more than number like 2 or 12. The other way to play is if you have 2 different coloured dice relate one to a action (such as 1 for lick, 2 for stroke etc.) and the other for places on the body (such as 1 for neck, 2 for bum etc.)
    Other Tips: You can actually buy some ready made sex dice games such as Spicy Dice or Hot Sex Dice that have a few extra features and tasks printed on the sides instead of numbers.

  6. Position Calendar

    What You need: a calendar or piece of paper
    How to Play: Do some research and come up with a number of different sex positions you both want to try. On a calendar mark a different positions for each day (or a number that need to be completed by the end of the week). Mark off each position when it is completed.
    Other Tips: This is very basic but it allows you to try out some new positions and maybe pick up a couple of new favourites.

  7. Lick my Light

    What You need: a torch
    How to Play: Turn off the lights and with your touch shine it on areas of your body that you want your partner to lick. You can either have a set time of just keep it on for as long as they need to lick for.
    Other Tips: Swapping the torch user each go is a great idea to spice things up. You will also find out what areas your partner really like to be touched

  8. Find the Flavour

    What You need: some flavoured lube
    How to Play: Turn off the lights or blindfold your partner. Then you put some flavoured lube on a number of location on your body. You partner must use their tongue to find each location. This is a great and fun game to explore each others bodies.
    Other Tips: I have suggested using flavoured lube but you can also use food like honey or chocolate spread but this can get a bit messy. I suggest the Juicy Lube 5 Tube Pack so you can have your partner find all 5 varieties and make them guess what each one is.

  9. Pin Me Down

    What You need:a safe word
    How to Play: This game can get a bit too much so having a safe word is highly suggested. The idea of this game is to wrestle each other down and the winner gets to have their evil way with the looser. Pretty simple.
    Other Tips: When doing this a man will normally overpower a woman quite easily so he should only be able to use one hand and have to have his other hand behind his back for the whole time. This can make it very difficult for him to be able to pin you.

  10. Sexy Board Games

    If you are looking for something a bit more complicated and unpredictable there are numerous sex board games that you can buy. These come with different sets of rules that normally result in very sex and fun times. They can vary from the funny such as The Really Cheeky Adult Board Game) to the romantic (such as Adult Board Game of the Year winner Monogamy) to the down right kinky (such as Lets Play Domin8 Game).

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