Going For Multiple Orgasms

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For many women and couples “multiple orgasms” can be considered a MYTH, but it shouldn't be so hard, if there was a book about it, would probably be a “Best Seller” though. But how it really is to have multiple orgasms? Is possible to learn how to give them to your partner, and also achieve them yourself? Actually there are no special tricks to enter a multiple orgasmic experience. The key factors are: you need to be willing to know your body better, an open mind, passion and focus. Needless to say the experience is naturally different for men and women on a biological point of view (it is really uncommon to men). Men need time right after “getting there” to recover and start just all over again, it´s just how their body works, women however just don´t need that time and can enjoy many orgasms in a row. Nevertheless it´s not an easy task for a woman and requires some knowledge of their body and training.

Know Your Body

The first step of getting to a multiple-orgasm is to know your own body and train it, yes, lots and lots of masturbation to get some control over it all. You should also (and this is not a hard task) to communicate this process to your partner. It´s is important to acknowledge that a woman can achieve multiple orgasms even if they are not specifically looking for it, just because of how their body works.

Build Sexual Tension

A nice “build up” is crucial for women, especially regarding orgasms and multiple orgasms, it should start way before you go to bed. Some nice text messages during the day, flowers and candles when she gets home, maybe you can make dinner for her, that´s all part of the preparation (or set up if you will) to make explode in bed later and hopefully reach multiple orgasms, key here is: women is very mind driven, it´s not different with sex, so get into her mind, make her happy, make her crave you and miss spending time with you, this preparation is a nice start to make her wild in bed later on. 

Let them Regroup too!

Just like we said about men, after the second orgasm, women also tends to need some time off to regroup and get it together for the next rounds. Be careful, that doesn't mean you should go away and stop completely! Just means you could and should get slower at this point and just be gentle with her body while she recovers, just make sure she does not lose connection with the act nor her body.  

Keep the level up

It’s important to keep a little variety during clitoral stimulation so the area does not become overstimulated or numb. You can try a sex toy to help you get through multiple orgasms, we are trying to build new sensations now on and it´ not a bad idea to get busy with your woman, so try to combine adult toys with your hands and tongue to make her hot. There are amazing toys in the market these days, even some tool that emulates oral sex, with lick simulation and everything. Use whatever you have access, to please your woman, just make her busy with toys or not, get busy with her and don’t let her stop completely, that would ruin any mood. 

Don’t let your Mind Play Tricks on You

If you do everything thinking: “I´ll only stop when she reaches those multiple orgasms or something like: “She will never cheat on me”, “she will never go away and leave me” you are just getting insecure and that´s one of the worst things that can happen with a couple, even your girl can feel you are focusing on something else, that´s not her. Also, it can be kind of frustrating when time passes by and nothing happened.

Last update: Aug 02, 2016

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