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First let´s get things clear, getting your sensual game up has nothing to do with sexual acts. It´s very related to our senses, what makes you feel really close to your partner, after a while sex can get a little mechanical and boring, besides trying to learn new ways of making sex interesting again with the same partner, you should focus on the sensual experiences you can have together, maybe you can realise then that this is one of the best parts of a relationship, even better than sex most of the time.


Come on! Everybody loves a great snuggle session. Do it while watching tv with her on your lap or shoulder, this is where you get intimate signs of love from your partner. 

Play with her/his hair

It´s a “ I like to take care of you” sign, shows love and It can be quite relaxing for both if done nice and slow while having a good laugh about the day at work. Women love to have their hair played by their partners.


Just as the hair care, nice and slow tickles can be fun and intimate for a couple, plus you can have a great time laughing out loud while tickling each other! I know I do!

Holding Hands

This is really powerful, a simply sign of affection that can make you feel so confident and tied to your partner, walking together hand in hand is also a sign of partnership and trust, shows exactly what it is, that you are walking together and in the same direction, on a sunny day and a nice location this can make a perfect date for a girl.

Eye Contact

As obvious as it seems, there is nothing more powerful than seeing the person you love looking straight into your eyes whit the glowing eyes, or still straight into your eyes giving you all the attention she can. This show that the other person has interest on what i am saying and it´s not just another fake listener who just pretends to listen to my words.


What would this world be without kissing? Pretty disappointing to say the least right? From quick kiss on the cheek to a big and wet kiss between lovers, a sweet kiss on the forehead as a sign of respect and so on, who could leave without kissing ? Just practice and be happy!

Little Love Notes

Women love that, just every little demonstration of affection is a great call, you can even use post-its or something and glue it everywhere with little love messages like: “Good morning honey, I love you”. You can also buy a Hallmark card or write a blank card or letter from zero and have it delivered with flowers on her work.

Be There

Life can be really hard and tricky sometimes, and dark times come for every one of us, it is very good to know that you partner is there for you when you need, also it´s important to be there too, available, listening and trying to help, this helps develop trust and a stronger bond between both of you.


Another point that seem so obvious but it is not, it´s almost a life style and a way of life, I wouldn´t want to be in a relationship with a person who thinks that does not owe me truth and respect, which for me are almost the same thing, one of the deepest feelings can come from telling the truth and doing the right thing, if you really love your partner that´s how you show be.  

Last update: Aug 09, 2016

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