Breaking the Routine With Sex Games

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Ever find yourself bored with your sex routine? Fell like just repeating the same moves over and over again, just like another day at the office? If so, then you are like the vast majority of other couples out there. All you need to do is to find new ways to keep things fun, interesting, and of course naughty! Everybody likes to play games, so why not use this to improve your sex life? You are going to learn different kinds and levels of sex games in this article so feel free to pick the ones you like and may work for you and your partner.

1- Role playing Game Again, everybody likes Role playing, both of you just need to pick a character and have fun! The guy can pretend to be a dentist, and the girl to be his patient who’s come to the doctor’s office for an emergency treatment. You can ask your patient to lie down on the bed and pretend like you’re examining her. You just have to use your imagination and maybe some costumes from the nearest sex-shop to help it to come alive, you can be her landlord, her boss, a police office or even the pizza guy (I know this one sounds corny but it´s your game…). You can even spice it up even more with some sexy dress up costumes.  

2- Paper Bowl You and your partner should write down at least three sexual fantasies in individual pieces of paper. Fold them up and drop them in a bowl. Then you shuffle the pieces of paper and pick one each, and simply start talking about the sex fantasy together. Just talking about it while touching your partner´s body can be quite hot and heat things up in the room. 

3- Strip Q&A / Strip Poker You can do this with cards if you´re good at it, if not you can just use regular questions. Just simply ask each other personal questions, who answers it wrong needs to do something (it can be a shot of alcohol, or take off one piece of clothing, or both!). This game can also help to get an intimate conversation going on and it can be develop in so many ways to your taste…  

4- Sex Dices if you don´t have the time or imagination to get creative about a new sex game to play with your partner just grab some sex dices on a sex shop near your and get it going. This simple toy can help you make your sex dreams come true. Even if you don´t have where to buy a sex dice just use a regular one and a list with actions corresponding to each number…don´t underestimate the dices, it can be quite awesome to shake things up. 

5- Making Porn Interesting Sometimes watching a porn movie with your partner can be really odd and plain weird, but you can make it more interesting like a bet or something, you can both agree to play the roles of the actors in that movie, so whatever they do you´ll have to do the same as the movie goes…choose your movie carefully here…

6 – Take it to the Outside There´s a high chance that you get turned on when your partner does something really naughty in public. Why don´t give it a try and take a ride over the block or even go for a walk, the girl can be bra-less and the guy with no underwear, maybe get close to some store or place where people can see you or your girl can give you a little boob flashing in public, whatever get´s you there just to come back home and explode in bed together. 

Last update: Aug 09, 2016

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