Is testing love based on libido worth it?

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All of us have that moment when we have to face the point that makes us all nervous. Making a decision is what I am talking about. So, you have a big decision to make and you have absolutely no idea how to go about it. 

It might be that, you have been offered a large but at the same time, quite a risky job opportunity or you have to make a decision about staying in a relationship or letting it go or you are about to put an offer to sell your house. Situations like these can and very naturally put you in a fix.

Voices inside your head like a life critic, your personal life coach, your inner hyperactive child, can tell you what you do not have what it takes, or that everyone is watching you, or that you need even more time to prepare.

But selecting the right voice to listen to can be a problematic affair. Most of these voices are diametrically opposite to each other so choosing the voice you think gives best advice is difficult to sift out.

But the question is, who is the true self that you need to listen to when you are making your decision?

In a very unfortunate but general scenario, our true selves get drowned in the myriad variety of voices inside the head and almost gets snubbed by our fears and the possibilities of disappointment.

BUT, there is an interesting way in which you can take your decisions and this is the body's natural way in which responds to favourable situations.

The body's natural barometer is libido. Yes, you read that right!

1. When you take decisions that you truly think is right or that tiny scared voice that is your true self, your body gets this buzzing sensation from your fingertips to your nether regions. This, you can sense, when you walk into a room and notice a hot guy and you feel a tingling sensation in yourself. It simply turns you on. It is your body's barometer telling you that your inner true self likes what you feel.

2. Even Jung and Freud, the fathers of psychoanalysis, testified for it. According to Freud,

“Libido denotes a desire or impulse which is unchecked by any kind of authority, moral or otherwise. Libido is appetite in its natural state.”

3.  “The libido has, as it were, a natural penchant: it is like water, which must have a gradient if it is to flow. [“Symbols of the Mother and of Rebirth,” ibid., par. 337.]”

4. Libido is actually the flood of energy that just waits for the word, go and it will head the way you want it to go.

But the danger can be that the flow of libido in your blood stream can be against you or not.  

When you, on a constant basis, ignore and resist the flow of libido, the natural urge is to explore something not familiar and novel, your libido slows down. You are responsible for the slowing down of your sexual connection and even with yourself. 

So, in order to understand whether or not to go ahead with a relationship, your sexual desire for your partner is an important factor. But that is not the be all and end all of a relationship. So it is not really the last thing to consider when you are testing your love for a person. Emotional connect and compatibility is definitely, based on your libido. So do pay heed to that while deciding. 

Last update: Aug 09, 2016

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