How to Make Your Boyfriend Crazy About You (In and out of bed)

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Warning: Guys are simpler than you might think. And no, this is not a hollow description, it is what it is. It turns out to be the other way around with women or better, how they see women. Don’t fall behind here, of course most men can be satisfied with a simple girl/woman with no fancy clothes and stuff, but they also like everything from the woman´s world, from make-up to fashion clothing, they like the fact that women make efforts to be prettier for them. And well, they really should!

First of all, guys are visual by nature as they get turned on by what they see, so if you want to have best sex night, be prepared to buy something sexy and hot to wear for him.

At this point (excluding first dates) you may think about getting a nurse or maid costume to please your man, but believe me, some tips can be more effective than this.

A nice hair: Guys are crazy by women´s hair, even if it is a short one. The way you move your hair and let your nape appear, especially if you are using a good perfume, this is part of a nice visual and can make him fall for you.
Comfortable clothing: Yes forget all fantasies!! Men love to see you comfortably dressed. If you ask about their favourite clothes they will just say, and a nice white shirt. Just know what to wear for each occasion.

Hard Work Pays Off: Make him work for your treats, don’t just give him what he wants when he wants it.

If you man has complete and easy access to something, it becomes boring and predictable. That´s why women need to play it the hard way, so don’t always be available when it is convenient for him. Women trick: when it´s time to discipline your man you can go out of your way to delay and make him wait for you, that´s one way to keep him on his toes.

Use your weapons: Do you realise you have a lot of weapons on your body, and that they are more than enough to nearly kill many men? And the best, they are free and yours already. One tactic is to get bra-less more often near him, this will let him see your body and enjoy the bounce of your boobs (men love it! You´ve heard something about a show called Baywatch right?), not something to do every day but it will definitely catch his eyes, you shouldn´t do this only home and bed time, this might be done during the day, let them show through your clothes and tease him with your nipples.

The Devil is in the details: There are a lot of little things you can do to make him crave you, make him feel important : ask for advice when you face challenges, consider his ideas and opinions and thank him for being there, tell him you are proud of him and his accomplishments. Laugh at his jokes, men love that! Let him know you enjoy his humour. This one is kind of hard for women: Don’t expect him to read your mind and fully understand you without even talking to you, be vocal, tell him what you like and what you don´t, what makes you happy and excited. Unexpected hands: Women should never underestimate how good a nice and unexpected touch can be, in a public place or at a party, show him what you have in mind and your desire for him, soft whispers and kisses can help too!

Last update: Aug 04, 2016

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