FOREPLAY DIARIES: How to give him the sexiest massage of his life?

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The way to a man’s heart is not through his pants or even through his stomach but through his skin. Our men have a tendency to work a little too hard sometimes and once we get past our pride, we end up realising that they deserve our undivided attention and wholehearted gratitude occasionally. While a massage is definitely the way to go to relax your man, have you considered spicing things and taking it up a notch with a sexy massage? No doubt, it is a great way for couples to bond, the erotica when he decides to reciprocate the favour is worth all your sore muscles!

How to go about giving the sexiest massage he would remember for the rest of his life?

  • Give Him a Pep Talk- You might be able to touch all of his erogenous zones in your massage but it would all amount to nothing if you don’t start off with a little dirty talk. They might balk at the thought that their sweet, docile lover is trying to offer them a free trip to heaven. But make him understand that you would love to cherish him for a hour and they might just melt!
  • Let him warm up- Once you have convinced your better half to be a willing participant to your devious plan, ask him to do stretching for five minutes so that his muscular tension eases us and the flow of blood to his nether regions gets going. It’ll make your job a whole lot easier, trust us!
  • Be on Top- No, not what you are thinking (yet!). Ask him to get naked and make him lie face up. Sit behind his head and focus on the erogenous zones like the butt, the lower back and shoulder blades. Begin by lightly massaging and alternately scratching his scalp and ears and trace the outline of his cheekbones with your fingers. Hold his head as if you are holding a fruit and seek out the hollows or acupressure points between his skull and neck. Massage his third eye to get him relaxed and wound up the sexual tension by increasing the pressure on his pleasure points. Pull his jaw gently on either side so as to stretch those neck muscles. They would come in handy later on, right?
  • Hips don’t lie- The pelvic region of your man which extends from the end of the belly button to the genitalia and beyond, are the parts you should lavish the most attention on! After oiling your hands with sweet smelling oils, circle the outer rim of the belly button and try to find his “Gate of Origin” that should be located somewhere near his bladder. Massaging the thick tendons, which connect his groin to the trunk of his body help him to release his sexual energy like never before!
  • Go Up!- Yes, you might have to cover a humongous amount of flesh on his upper body but time would pass when you glide through it! Knead the tendons on the base of his neck and the indentations underneath the collarbone or the clavicle. The nipples and the Sea of Tranquility, which you would find as a dimple in his breastbone, is another acupressure point you don’t want to miss!
  • The Erotic Bits- Massaging him for twenty minutes at a stretch can be boring rather than exciting. Focus on his manhood at last and save him from the flow of electric sexuality! Massaging the glans, coronal ridge, frenulum, raphe, scrotal sac and seminal vessels would help you in getting there! Besides who knew there is a male G-spot between the scrotum and the anus which works wonders as soon as you touch it?
  • The Post orgasmic favour- Your man must have already climaxed before this point. Show him how much it means to you by stroking his inner thighs and the pads in between his toes.

Be prepared to reap the results of your labour for a long time to come!

Last update: Aug 04, 2016

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