Sex Mistakes You Need To Know and How to Avoid Them

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Even the most experienced of men may make a mistake or two in sex from time to time. At least that’s what some women are trying to tell their partners and most of the time don´t know how to deal with it. Let´s take a look of the main mistakes you can make in bed: 

Foreplay skipping

Some athletes are really good on their craft and they kill in the game but they don´t like to train, some men (A lot of them) can be like that, this is probably foreplay is very important for women, not that much for men. Anyway, this is a major turn down for the ladies. Also it seems laziness and lack of feelings by man, so that´s something you should keep in mind and take your time before rushing into the big game. 

Not Taking Cues from Women

We all know how women can be bossy sometimes, you if didn´t learned from your first girlfriend you are missing something here! But it´s very doable and important to pay attention to each other in a relationship, men tend to think things like: “I know that already” “I know what I am doing” and that´s why they get lost in the air, women just hate it when they don´t get the proper attention and consideration from men. The lesson here is: look and listen to your woman, take cues from her body language and you will be fine in bed.

Mute Button ON

While women love, just love to talk a lot, whenever they can for as many hours as they can, hehe Men tend to be quiet and calm, that often leads to communication complains by the ladies and a lot of misunderstanding in the relationship. In bed is no different. Women would love to listen to your voice, especially if you are gently whispering what they should do next in bed. Nearly everything that a woman complains out of bed can affect your sex life so pay attention to what they say, communicate better. For the ladies : You should tell what you do and how it feels when your man does something you like or asked them to do, a feedback is always a good communication tool, and yes, men like to have a good feedback on their performance in bed.

Trying many things at once

Women are just terrific, if they trust their partner enough they would be willing to take risks and always try new things in bed, men should be careful though, trying new positions and switching between things can be really cool sometimes, but also it can be a problem when men simply lose the focus, if you want a woman to get there and have an orgasm you have to play it cool and get steady for a while. 

Being Disrespectful

Despite what you see in some movies or TV shows, women don't particularly want or like to be disrespected in bed. Although they might play along with it to a certain degree just to please you, doing so may eventually make them feel uncomfortable in the long run. Know first what you can do and how to behave in sex without offending her or making her uncomfortable during sex.  Don´t just assume she is happy or satisfied, which leads us to the next point.

Assuming she's satisfied

Just because you are happy with your performance it doesn´t mean your partner shares the same feeling, doesn't mean that your woman is satisfied. And if you are having some signals, at least make an effort to please her and get things back to normal.

The need for speed after sex

One of the worst things a men can do on this subject is get out running right after sex, sometimes leaving her in bed, women like/need to feel the moment, slowly get together after sex, if the sex is good they might want cuddling and hugging at this point. So it´s very, very rude to just walk away right after sex, especially if you have some feelings going on. 

Last update: Aug 09, 2016

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