Anal Sex Toys Beginners Guide

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You have decided to move past the now long gone taboo of anal play and try some anal toys. You are about to enter into a new world of pleasure and this is great.

The only problem is that there are so many different types. Do you want Butt Plugs, Anal Beads or an Anal Dildo. We have written a starter's guide below to the different types of anal toy.

Are Anal Toys Safe?

Anal Sex Toys are designed to be safe to use. They will be shaped for comfort and made of materials that are safe to insert into your anus. Anal play is perfectly safe as long as you do it right. If you do experience any persistent pain or bleeding (which is very uncommon but could be caused with some rougher anal play) you should consult your doctor.

Different Types of Anal Toy

The different types of anal sex toys do have different properties, they are designed to be used in different situations and produce different pleasurable sensations.

  • Butt Plugs

    Jelly Jammers Butt Plugs

    The butt plug is normally the first thing that springs to mind when thinking about anal toys. These amazing little devices are easy to use and are designed perfectly to bring some amazing pleasure to your anal play. They can be used to stretch your anus to allow you to enjoy larger anal toys. For this you can get butt plugs that come in a verity of sizes (like the Jelly Jammers Butt Plugs pictured) that will allow you to work you way up. Because of the tapered tip and wider end they can be held in the anus easily and so can be worn whilst doing other activities such as having sex or just going about your daily activities.

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  • Anal Beads

    X10 Beads

    Anal beads have a large range of uses during anal play. They are a string of beads that are designed to cause pleasure as they are inserted and removed. For an incredibility intense orgasm you can leave the anal beads in during intercourse and remove them when you are about to climax. Other techniques for use include slowly removing and inserting the beads during intercourse. beads come in different shapes and sizes but the standard anal beads (like the X10 Beads pictured) start with small beads increasing in size as you gel closer to a ring on the end which is designed to make holding and removing the beads easier.

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  • Anal Dildos

    EX Anal Angler

    Anal Dildos (also called anal probes) are dildos that are specifically designed to be used in anal play. They are generally thinner than standard dildos and some with a longer handle allowing more control in anal play. Although allot of people enjoy using penis style dildos during anal play beginners find anal dildos to be much more comfortable to use.

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  • Male Prostate Massagers

    Rocks Off Cheeky Boy

    When it comes to sexual pleasure women seam to have allot more fun than men. They have multiple orgasms, clitoral stimulation and a G-Spot. What you many not know is that men also have a G-Spot and it is located in thee anus. The prostate is generally considered the male G-Spot and can cause some amazing sensations that most men have only dreamed of. By using a prostate massager you can reach the prostate, which is located around 2 inches inside of the anus, and experience a full body orgasm you have always wanted to.

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  • Vibrating Butt Plugs

    Lolli Poppers Chanel

    A butt plug but with additions vibration! Is this the ultimate in anal pleasure. Vibrating butt plugs are usually larger than standard butt plugs (as they need to contain a motor) they give you all the pleasure of a butt plug with extra stimulation that will leave you enjoying full body pleasure. Leave your vibrating butt plug in whilst having sex to experience a climax the likes of which you could only imagine before.

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  • Inflatable Butt Plugs

    TITANMEN Inflatable Wonder

    These are defiantly not for the faint-hearted. Inflatable butt plugs can be expanded up to 5 times their original size. They are designed for people wanting to feel the gaping sensation. With some anal lube insert the uninflated plug and slowly enlarge it inside your anus. The sensation this they provides can be very pleasurable but make sure you don't push yourself too far.

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  • Glass Anal Toys

    Icicles No. 14

    Glass sex toys are incredibly smooth and with a little bit of lubricant you can easily insert and remove these little wonders. Another property of glass toys is that they retain head very well so can be warmed or cooled down for you to experience even more sensations during your anal play.

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  • Metal Anal Toys

    Heavy Metal Plunger

    Just like glass toys, metal anal toys hold heat very well and are very smooth for easy insertion. You will also enjoy the cool feeling of having a well made metal toy inside of you. They can be a bit heavy so be warned when using them.

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  • Douches And Enemas

    Heavy Metal Plunger

    Anal play is always more enjoyable when it is clean (hygienically that is). By using a Douche or Enema before anal play will insure you keep you anal play nice and clean. They work by squirting a small amount of water into your anus and removing waste materials. You will love the clean and empty feeling this gives you and will want to use them before every time you have anal fun.

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Last update: Aug 02, 2016

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