Male Masturbators Buying Guide

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All men masturbate and we all know that masturbation is awesome but is there any way to make it better? Yes!

Male masturbators and strokers are designed to give you the best and easiest sensation during masturbation. They give you a better than life feeling while you masturbate.

If you are looking to improve masturbation then these amazing devices are perfect from you. There is a number of textures and builds for you to try allowing for even more variety in you alone play.

Which Masturbator is right for me?

There are many different inside textures for masturbators that are designed to stimulate you as you stroke. These toys are pretty inexpensive so your will be able to try a number of different textures to find what is best for you without spending too much money.

Loving Joy Pearl Palm Pleasure

Standard Strokers

Non-anatomical Strokers are basically sleeves that when combined with some sex lubricant slide up and down the penis as you masturbate. There are normally different textures on the inside of the stroker designed to stimulate your penis. Some strokers (like the Cyberskin Extra Long Reversible Stroker) can be reversed to give you the option of two different textures in one.

Pocket Pals and Anatomical Masturbators

If you are looking for masturbator that is designed to resemble and feel a human orifice then handheld Anatomical Masturbators are perfect for you. You will not get the same variety in textures and malleability that you will get from a stroker but they do feel more like the real thing and are made a bit more solid.

Meggan Mallone
Jack Off

Masturbation Pads and Gloves

Masturbation gloves and Pads, like the Jack Off from California Exotic, are for the men who want to experience the grip of a hand job but with a different texture. These devices are perfect for use with a partner.

Stroker Beads

More simple than silicone strokers, stroker beads (like the Ultimate Stroker Beads) do not require lubricant to be used effectively and add an extra dimension to old fashioned hand masturbation.

Ultimate Stroker Beads


Designer Masturbators?

You may have heard of the Fleshlight or Tenga Masturbator. The Fleshlight is the number one selling male sex toy in the world and Tenga are a company from Japan whose products are becoming more and more popular world wide. These companies spend allot of money researching and developing the best masturbators. We have written a number of articles on Fleshlight and Tenga. Why are Fleshlight Masturbators so Popular > Tenga Masturbators: Japans little secret

Last update: Aug 09, 2016

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