Magic Wand Vibrators and their Attachments

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Over the last couple of decades Magic wand vibrators have become increasingly popular. If you have not used a magic wand before then you are missing out on what was refereed to as the "The Cadillac of Vibrators". These vibrators typically come with a large soft head and have a more powerful vibration than standard vibrators. They are designed to be used externally for stimulation of the clitoris and vulva and can also be used by men (the powerful vibrations on the shaft can cause strong orgasm).

History of the Magic Wand Vibrator

The first magic wand, made by Hitachi, was originally marketed as a vibrating massager. It was soon discovered that it worked as an amazing vibrator and sales soared. In the 90's sales of the Hitachi Magic Wand were boosted even more with an appearance in Sex and the City. The Hitachi Magic wand is not available in Europe because it does not have a CE safety certificate and so is not considered safe to use our plugs. Some people have purchased Hitachi Wands and a US to UK converter but this is counter productive as it reduces the power sent to the vibrator. Fortunately there are many products that have not only been made to work safely in the UK but have been designed specifically for sexual use. Click here to see our range of Magic Wand Vibrators

How do I use a Magic Wand Vibrator?

The magic Wands of today are extremely versatile. With the large soft head and extremely powerful motors they are perfect for clitoral stimulation. This vibrator is also used by men by placing the vibrating head on the shaft and glands of the penis. This can produce some very strong pleasurable sensations that lead to powerful orgasms that some men much prefer to standard hand or even stroker masturbation. Another great use for this vibrator is during sex, during penetration holding the vibrating head on the clitoris provides extra pleasure for both men and women.

The popularity of this device can be attributed to how easy it is to use, the powerful motors and its versatility. If you are looking a a sex toy both you and your partner can share the Magic Wand Vibrator is perfect.

Magic Wand Attachments?

If the Magic Wand Vibrator was not versatile enough you can also extend the possibilities with Magic Wand Attachments. These slip over the head of the wand and come in many different shapes and sizes. These attachments utilize the powerful motors of you wand and can turn it into a G-spot Vibrator (G Spot Attachment), Rabbit Vibrator (Rabbit Tip Wand Attachment), Vibrating Anal Beads (Attachment Kit Small), prostate massager (PSpot Wand Attachment for Men) or add some extra texture to the head (Tingle Tip Wand Attachment). There are also attachments that will turn your magic wand into a male masturbator such as the HummHim Wand Masturbation Massage Tube Attachment or if you already own a Fleshlight the Wand Essentials Adapter for Fleshlight.

This product is essential many vibrators in one and has rightly earned its favourable reputation.

Last update: Aug 09, 2016

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