How to Clean Your Fleshlight

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Like with all Sex Toys keeping your Fleshlight clean is very important and fortunately Fleshlight has made this task incredibly simple. In all Fleshlight the sleeve is removable and is design to not only feel amazing but also be easy to clean.

What do I Need to Clean my Fleshlight?

As long as you clean your Fleshlight straight after using it you do not need anything more than warm water to clean. You can use Antibacterial Sex Toy Cleaner to make sure your Fleshlight is completely clean. Fleshlight also provide a specialist product called Fleshlight Renew Powder. This great product is designed to keep the realistic texture of the Fleshlight in top condition and extend the life of your favourite toy.

Steps to Clean Your Fleshlight

  1. Remove the Sleeve from the Case - all Fleshlight have removable sleeves which can be removed from the outer case by pulling them out
  2. Run Water Through - Using your fingers separate the orifice of the Fleshlight and place it under a running tap so that the water goes through the sleeve. It is a goo idea to bend the device while the water is flowing through in order to clean out the hard to reach places.
  3. Reverse and Repeat - Turn your sleeve upside down and run the water through the other end to make sure all the residue has been washed out
  4. Give it a Quick Bath - Once you have rinsed out the sleeve submerge it in warm water (you can also include some anti-bacterial cleaner). Make sure you wash all of the sleeve inside and out.
  5. Clean the Case - You will also want to give the outer casing with warm water.
  6. Leave to Dry - Once the inner sleeve is clean give it a shake to remove as much water as possible and then leave it in a well-ventilated area to dry. You will want to leave it to dry for some time as there are crevices inside the sleeve that can hold water
  7. Renew - To keep your Fleshlight in top condition you can use Fleshlight Renew Powder or Cornstarch to keep the Lifelike material in top condition.

Thanks to Remember

  • Don't use talcum powder on your Fleshlight. This may ruin the material
  • Do use cornstarch to keep the material soft
  • Don't leave your Fleshlight after use. Clean it as soon as you have used it to make sure it lasts for years to come
  • Do make sure you leave it to dry completely
  • Don't use silicone based lubricant - this can ruin the flashlight material, use a water-based lubricant instead.

Last update: Aug 09, 2016

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