Beginners Guide to Penis Enlargers

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You can work out your Quads and Biceps at the gym or Work out your mind at the library but now it is time to work out the most important organ of all. Our range of Penis Enlargers are safe and easy to use and have made many women around the UK very happy.

How does a Penis Pump Work?

A penis pump is cylindrical devices that is placed over the penis. A Vacuum is then created with either a manual or motorised pump. This vacuum engorges the penis with blood. They are a well known way to increase penis size and girth as well as help men get over temporary impotence and help maintain stronger, more prolonged erections.

Many men who have erectile dysfunction have used penis pumps to successfully achieve an erection without the need for drugs like Viagra. This is especially true for people with diabetes or poor blood circulation.

With some water based lubricant you can also use your penis pump as a sex toy. Because of the vacuum a penis pump can be used to replicated the feeling of a powerful blow job.

How to Use Your Penis Pump

Penis pumps tend to be quite self explanatory but there are things that you should remember when using a penis pump. Firstly you need to make sure your do not over do it. If you use the pump for too long in one go or increase the vacuum too much there could be some adverse effects. These are rare but if you are feeling pain or excessive sourness then you should have a break from pumping.

Using a Cock Ring straight after pumping is a great way to maintain an even stronger erection especially when you first start to use the pump. Using the penis pump over a longer time will cause penile tissue to stretch and promote growth, giving you more permanent results.

What type of Penis Pump Should I Get?

Although all Penis Pumps work on the same principal there are a few different features that you should be aware of. The cheaper penis pumps come with a pneumatic bulb to create the vacuum. This type of pump is perfect for beginners or if you want to use the pump for masturbation or stimulation. Allot of these pumps (like the Lust Buster Vibrating Vacuum Pump) come with vibrating features to increase the pleasure.

For a more powerful vacuum a pistol grip pump is suggested (like the Pistol Pump With Senso Sleeve). This grip allows for better control over the pressure. Some Pistol Grip Pumps (like the Penis Pump Stiff And Strong) come with a gauge so you can better understand how much pressure you are applying.

Bathmate Penis Pumps are worlds best selling penis enlargement device. They are designed to be used in the bath and use water to generate a better vacuum for your penis. Another reason Bathmate are so popular is how easy they are to use as they do not come with extra pumps you simply slide it over your penis a pump much like you would if masturbating. There are many different sizes of Bathmate on we have put information videos on all out Bathmate product pages to give you even more information on there amazing devices. View Our Bathmate Range >

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