Huge Dildos: A Beginners Guide

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Many people are intimidated when looking at large dildos. They cannot understand how they fit and more importantly what would be enjoyable about it but you may be surprised by how much pleasure a huge dildo can bring.

Large dildos are much longer and thicker thicker than the standard dildo you may be use to. They are not for beginners and in order to enjoy properly you should follow our simple guide.

Why Should I use a Large Dildo?

If you have not used a huge dildo before the though of attempting to get pleasure out of such an intimidating looking sex toy might be furthest from your mind. Many women love the feeling of being filled up and for the vast majority of men this cannot be done with their penis. All vagina are different and some women can accommodate more than others. As long as you done have a particularly small vagina you will more than likely enjoy a huge dildo more than you think.

Will I Stop Enjoying Smaller Penises After Using my Larger Dildo?

Most likely the answer is No. The first myth to bust is that a vagina can be stretch permanently. This Is NOT TRUE. They have a natural elasticity that will return your vagina to its original tightness after only a day or two. The  the muscular contractions that happen during orgasm will also help to return you to your natural size even quicker. If you are worried about this Kegel Exercises can help strengthen your pelvic muscles, see our Kegel Sex Toys section for more details.

How to Use a Huge Dildo

Buy following some simple rules you can enjoy your large dildo to the fullest. Allot of people rush into larger dildos and this is where many of the bad experiences come from.

  1. Use Lubricant - Your body creates a natural lubricant but by using some extra lube on your massive dildo you can make insertion easier and more enjoyable. You will want to use a lubricant that is thick. Silicone Lubricants are generally thicker than water based lubes but cannot be used with Silicone Sex toys as they will quickly degrade them. We recommend the water based Astroglide Gel for use with larger dildos.
  2. Foreplay - Make sure you warm up. When you are aroused properly your vagina will relax making it easier to insert the dildo. If you have a smaller dildo or vibrator then you could try inserting that first to get yourself ready to take on the larger toy.
  3. Positioning - Get yourself in a comfortable position. You want to be able to spread your body to allow for the dildos size. You could try lying on your back with your legs spread and raised or if you want more control over the the depth of the dildo you could try squatting down over the dildo.
  4. Experiment - Once you have inserted the dildo you start to experiment with it. You could try twisting the dildo inside of you to reach all the erogenous zones; some people like to thrust the dildo in and out. You will need to find what is best for you but it is important to take thing slowly when you start out.
  5. Listen to Your Body - If you feel any pain or extra discomfort this means your body is not quite ready for the dildo; you should stop using the dildo, re apply some lubricant and take things more

Last update: Aug 09, 2016

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