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We stock such a huge variety of sex toys even the experienced user might become confused. I have put together a guide to some of our common (and not so common) sex toys with some basic details on what they are and how they are used.


  • Bullet Vibrator - A small powerful vibrator that is named so because it is shaped like a high Calibre bullet
  • G-Spot Vibrator - vibrators that are curved with a bulbous head that is designed to stimulate the G-Spot
  • Magic Wand Vibrators - originally marketed as back massager magic wands are very powerful vibrators with a large head. Designed for clitoral stimulation
  • Rabbit Vibrators - A Popular Vibrator that consists of an insertable shaft with a clitoral stimulator at the base. The stimulator is normally shaped like a rabbit but can be shaped like a dolphin or other animal.
  • Pearl Vibrator - A vibrator that has a number of small pearls in the shaft designed to create a pulsating effect along with the vibration
  • Anal Vibrator - Thinner vibrators designed to be inserted into the anus, can come with a flat base to prevent the vibrator going too far in
  • Prostate Massager - An anal vibrator that is designed to stimulate the male prostate. Is normally curved with a large head.
  • Duel Penetrating Vibrator - A vibrator that comes with a smaller attachment designed for anal stimulation
  • Vibrating Love Eggs - Egg shaped vibrators that are inserted into the vagina. Normally come with separate remote attached by a small wire buy can also be wireless
  • Couples Vibrators - Vibrators design to benefit both partners during sex. Normally worn inside the vagina during penetration


  • Realistic/Penis Dildos - Dildos that are designed to look and feel like a real penis
  • Suction Cup Dildos - Normally penis in shape with a suction cup at the base so you can attach it to flat surfaces
  • Squirting Dildos - Penis shaped dildos that squirt liquid to simulate ejaculation
  • Double Dildos - Larger dildo with two insertable ends. Can be used by two people or double penetration for one
  • Glass / Metal Dildos - These material are long lasting, have a smooth surface and can be used at different temperatures
  • Strap-On Dildo - Designed to be worn in a harness so you can penetrate another person

Anal Toys

  • Butt Plugs - Short dildos with a large head and flared base to allow it to be held in place. Tip can be used to stimulate prostate in men.
  • Anal Beads - Small shaft of beads connected with string or plastic. Designed to be inserted and removed are the point of orgasm
  • Anal Dildo - Thin, smooth dildo designed for easier insertion into the anus

Sex Toys for Women

  • Ben Wa Balls - also called Jiggle balls and geisha balls are balls attached by string that can be worn inside the vagina
  • Kegel Sex Toys - toys that are design to improve pelvic floor muscles
  • Clitoral Stimulators - Vibrating Stimulators that are not designed to be inserted. Wand vibrators are a type of clitoral stimulator
  • Pussy Pump - designed to create a vacuum around the vagina which will increase blood flow and sensitivity
  • Nipple Arousers - Cause stimulation to the nipples by suction, vibration or pressure

Sex Toys for Men

  • Masturbators- also called pocket pussy, these are small devices to be used to improve masturbation
    • Fleshlight are the number one selling male sex toy in the world and are well known quality masturbators
    • Tenga are a masturbator design from Japan that make mostly disposable masturbators
  • Cock Rings - are worn around the shaft of the penis to restrict blood flow to make erection stronger and last longer
  • Penis Extenders - are worn around the penis during intercourse to temporarily increase size
  • Penis Sleeve - designed to be work during sex to add texture and increase stimulation for the person being penetrated
  • Realistic Vagina - Larger masturbator that is normally a life-sized replica of a vagina with hips, can include penetrable anus, replica breasts or vibration
  • Sex Doll - Full body masturbator. Can be blow up or made of a skin like material for more realism.

Sex Toys for Couples

  • Sex Swings - large devices that can hold one partner to allow for easier movability and positions that would be impossible without
  • Mould your Own Kit - mould your penis or vagina to make your partner a unique dildo, vibrator or masturbator
  • Remote Controlled Sex Toys - Sex Toys with remote controls so your partner can control the vibration or stimulation. Can be wireless.

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