Beginners Guide to Anal Douching

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Anal douching is very important for anal sex or use anal sex toys extensively for pleasure. Before preparing for anal sex, one should opt for anal douching to enjoy sex better and to cleanse their anus right before penetration. So, if you indulge in anal sex on a frequent basis, then read on to find out more about the best way to use an anal douche and the benefits of anal douching.

Why Anal Douching?

Anal douching allows one to enjoy anal sex in a much more clean and hygienic way. Many people douche in a specific way (referred to as analingus) before indulging in oral stimulation. Anal douching is nothing but flushing of water via the rectum and lower colon, which is essentially responsible for gathering faeces, for the purpose of removing any residue or matter. Depending upon your convenience you can pick douches of different shapes and sizes and use them to clean your anus the desired way. Douching is done in different ways and many men use special shaped bulbs for cleansing their anuses. This can be done in a few different ways including special bulbs that hold water right up to intricate systems that connect to the plumbing usually in the shower.

Benefits of Anal Douching

It helps in removing particle from your mucous lining so that you can safely indulge in clean and hygienic anal sex with your partner.

The Best Way to Douche

When it comes to douching, people should opt for safe tools that help them minimise any risk of harming the lining of their anus. Therefore, right before douching, make sure that the nozzle is smooth and does not have any sharp edges that could cause any cut or scratch or cut. You could easily opt for firm rubber based nozzle that bends easily when inserted inside the arse. You can choose choose a system that plumbs water into the mains water like the Universal Water Works System. Remember, high pressure can damage the bowel. You can also opt for bulb based douches, which are cheaper easily available with adult shops and chemists such as Clean Stream Enema Bulb. You can also go for shower attachment based douche that is safe to use and minimises high pressure accidents risks.

In case you are using a broad and multi-hole nozzle, pressing the nozzle against the anus and allowing water to flow in will help you clean the area better. On the other hand, if your nozzle has a single spout, it would be convenient for you to insert the same using a small quantity of anal lube or moisturiser like Aveno. No matter what you do, keep the pressure of water low as you should fill the rectum only up to six to seven inches and avoid water spillage into the colon. After the water has entered your body, you should wait for fifteen to twenty seconds. Once you are prepared, release the water from your body gently. Once you have successfully finished the process, repeat the same till the time water being exited from the anus is clear. Make sure you use lukewarm water for cleansing and douche forty five minutes before indulging in anal sex.

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