How you should wash and care for your Lingerie

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Selection of erotic lingerie is important, both from comfort and hygiene point of view. Therefore, if you have recently purchased some delicate and exciting lingerie pieces for yourself and wish to take care and preserve them in the best possible manner and condition, then go through the lingerie wash and care tips listed right here.

Why Wash and Care for Your Lingerie?

Lingerie care and wash is extremely crucial to maintain health and hygiene. While most of the people choose to hand wash their lingerie, irrespective of the material they are made from, some people also wash their lingerie in washing machines. Thus, always make sure that you check the label on your new lingerie to find out more information regarding the fabric and washing tips. Whether it be babydolls, stocking or corsets following these easy ways in which you can take good care of your lingerie.

Our Top Tips for Washing Lingerie

  1. Always wash your new piece of lingerie before using it for sanitation reasons and also to get rid of any chemicals that could harm or spoil your skin and body.
  2. Make sure that you soak your lingerie for not more than half an hour in water and light detergent. Also, pick a detergent that is mild and dissolves easily.
  3. Always keep the dark coloured lingerie separate from the light ones, before dissolving them in water and detergent as the dark coloured lingerie tends to lose its colour and may change the entire appearance of your light coloured lingerie.
  4. Wash the padded areas of your lingerie very carefully and also pay close attention to the areas that tend to become sweaty when you wear your lingerie. It is very important to wash such areas nicely or you might end up developing rashes on your body.
  5. Don’t squash the padding or bra at the time of washing as that would deform your lingerie’s shape. Always press your lingerie gently and make sure you drain the water out of the cups of the lingerie.
  6. Thoroughly wash the detergent out of your lingerie as the detergent tends to weaken the fibres used for creating the fabric of your lingerie.
  7. Hang your lingerie for drying and clip them the middle area of the bra or the straps to keep your lingerie intact. If required, you can also use a lingerie bag for drying your lingerie.
  8. Always store your lingerie nicely so that you don’t end up crushing or destroying the original size and shape of your lingerie.
  9. Never leave your lingerie under the direct rays of the sun as that may ill-affect the colour and texture of your lingerie, making them look dull and discoloured.

Storing Lingerie

Make sure you store your lingerie separately. Ideally, you should have a separate drawer for keeping your lingerie. You can also store them in fabric or silk paper for better and effective storage. Many people also, soak their lingerie in white vinegar for ten minutes after washing their underwear and bra for the first time. This helps them retain the colour of the lingerie for longer periods. Also, never wash your silk lingerie in washing machine as that can spoil the entire look and appearance of your undergarments.

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