How to use Remote Controlled Sex Toys

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One popular kind of sex toy are remote control vibrators. Apart from the pleasure and excitement they deliver, there is a lot of naughtiness aspect attached with such remote control vibrators. They are small and discreet and come for both him and her, for him it’s a ring sits around his shaft and for her, they are either egg or bullet shaped, both coming with a wireless remote to control them. They could either be inserted into the vagina to rest against the G-spot, or inserted or rested against the clitoris, either ways, using underwear to keep them in place. The remote has options to change speed and functions of vibrations with just a click. Such toys come with remote that work in different ranges, leaving the option of choice with you. They are silent so the vibrations are no audible, thus making them easier to be used anywhere!

Sex and erotic feelings are more fun when you share it with the love of your life. Couples could easily spice up their relationship with a simple toy in her panty and the remote in his control! You could get as creative with using such toys as you can. Could be used for foreplay, or on random occasions, so let your naughty creativity run free! Just the right moments, the surprise element, the right ambience and a lot of mischievous desires along with a wireless sex toy for couples could lead both of you to unreached paths of ecstasy.

Just make sure you don’t overdo it, and set some base rules amongst yourselves. Yes, it is more fun in a public setting, but you definitely need to set certain ground rules, like no mischief in churches, operas or business meetings, outings with family etc. You need to learn to be discrete and consider the feelings of people around you in public!

Game Ideas

Surprise increases the oomph associated with such toys multi-fold. The timing and strength of vibrations lie completely in control of your partner, and when you are caught unaware in the trap, you are sure to get aroused! It’s fun to place dares like bringing you to the brink of orgasm again and again.....only to pull back each time! When in sight of each other signs of arousal like flushed cheeks, heavy breathing, erect nipples could give you clues. Combining remote control vibrators with dry humping could be fun too. Playing with such toys blind folded could really spice up the whole experience. The fact however remains, that some places work and some simply don’t. Ambience, noise and setting play an important role. In the shower, at the Beach, in a garden or an evening stroll could most of the time be perfect, apart from the bed room though!

For her: give him the control and see how creative he can get with timings

For him: get her in complete control of yourself with just a tap on a remote, just to leave her wanting more each time. Keeping it in short sharp spurs in is the key.

Last update: Aug 15, 2016

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