What are Butt Plugs?

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Butt plugs are yet another anal sex toy which you can use for anal penetration. In some cases they can be considered similar to anal dildos, but butt plugs are entirely different from them. They are generally inserted inside the rectum to simultaneously contract and relax your anal sphincter muscles, causing exhilarating sensations.

Brief History

Butt plugs have been around for a very long time as far as historical context is concerned. Although there have been instances of homemade butt plugs in early European civilisation around 1600 AD, the commercial butt plug was first introduced by Dr. Frank E. Young.

The commercial butt plug actually originated from a consumer product made by Dr. Young back in 1892. It was named Ideal Rectal Dilator and was meant for anal pleasure. This is the most relevant context of butt plugs as sex toys in history.

Design of butt plugs

The butt plugs are designed in a unique way so as to prevent it from slipping into the rectal region of the user. Many plugs are often designed as penises with a flat surface at the bottom which holds it in position. This flat or tapering bottom surface also allows easy removal of the plug, and prevents it to lodge inside the rectum.

Even though butt plugs can exist in various shapes and sizes, there are some common types. Let’s take a look at those:

  • Vinyl Plugs: These are the most primitive form of commercial plugs that can be found anywhere. They are mainly smaller compared to other types of butt plugs, but they are not rigid like silicone ones.
  • Rubber or Latex Plugs: This is yet another type of flexible butt plug which is much more advanced in design than the vinyl ones. Use water or silicone based lubricants with it to get maximum pleasure.
  • Silicone Plugs: Most modern day plugs are made from silicone as they are not corrosive like rubber. In addition to that, these plugs are very easy to clean unlike plastic ones which usually take a lot of time.

Quick Facts on Butt Plugs

Now that you have understood the basic forms of butt plugs, let’s check some quick facts about these toys which can enhance your orgasmic stimulation:

  • Butt plugs feature a lot in fetishes or sex fantasy scenarios. The intercourse is much more exciting with them inside your or your partner’s rectum.
  • Using a condom with your butt plug improves the sensations inside your rectum while inserting the plug.
  • Fetish plugs are a special type of plugs with faux ornamentation at its end. Ornamentation's generally include fake fur or tails for fetish play.

Butt plugs are just like any other sex toy. With proper research and practice, you can certainly enjoy it while teasing your partner or enjoying each other.

Last update: Aug 15, 2016

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