What are Wand Vibrators?

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There are different types of vibrators in market and so are wand vibrators. Before you start thinking that what are wand vibrators, let us clear this doubt. Wand Vibrators are a type of clitoral activation vibrators which normally require no batteries, are good for the environment, and will never go out of power during the critical moments. These vibrators are perhaps one of the most popular vibrators worldwide. The strong vibration of these vibrators helps in providing satisfaction while masturbating. The wand in fact provides strong and enduring stimulation. These vibrators are must for the postmenopausal women who tend to lose interest in sex.

People are buying these vibrators from a long period of time say 30 years. These vibrators have a number of advantages associated with them.

  • If you handle them with care, you can use these for around 7-8 years. Therefore, it is a good investment.
  • The vibrators can also be used as massaging devices which help to relax the body muscles and eliminate pain.
  • The speed of the vibrators can be adjusted according to the requirements.
  • The device is easy to use and the flexible head can reach parts of the body that are not easily accessible to hands.
  • The wand vibrator is also known as a magic wand vibrator which is widely used as sex toy.
  • These vibrators are easily available in stores and online.

History of the Wand Vibrator:

If you think you are first one to think what are wand vibrators, no you are wrong. It has been there since quite some time. The magic wand has found great commercial success in the form of a vibrator and a masturbation aid for women. The vibrator was used by an American artist and Sex educator Betty Dodson as a tool for demonstration and also an instructional device to educate females about self-pleasure. It was in the late 1960’s that Dodson became active in the sex-positive movement. She suggested and educated women to use these self-pleasurable devices to dull the sensation of the vibrator and increase the experience to get pleasure. The sessions given by her were known as the Bodysex workshops which also included 15 naked women in supine position. These women displayed the use of vibrators and with the help of these workshops females were educated for self-pleasure.

Dell Williams was the founder of the first feminist sex toy business in the United States. She opened her store after using a magic wand as a student in the early 1970’s. In the year 1977, recommended this device to Dian Hanson, who was a former editor of men’s magazines named as Juggs and Leg Show.

In the year 2000, the Hitachi Company got into some conflict with the Appliance Corporation of America, and also with the distributor of wand of this company. In the same year the company got connected with Vibratex (a distributor firm) and eventually the business started growing.

Presently this device is being used worldwide and as a vibrator and a massaging device. In November 2014, the assistant professor of a university recommended this product for good health and also for increasing the sexual ability and self-esteem.

Last update: Oct 19, 2016

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