Sex toy ideas to spice up your sex life!

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Sex toys can bring something extra in your sex life, whether you use them separately or together.  Spice up your love life with modern adult toys.

Modern women vibrators are designed with a stimulating vibrating system which makes many women experience ecstatic orgasms. Such sex toys were designed by a female therapist and was intended for those who are not satisfied with the range of regular vibrators offered in stores. Due to its unique shape, can be used for internal and external stimulation and has three adjustable speed levels. The toy is pleasantly warm as you use it. After loading, you can experience pleasure for 90-240 minutes. Women say that stimulates the clitoris easily. If you're really excited, you can use it for penetration and G-spot stimulation in combination with lubricant, of course. For example, Womolia is designed not only to penetrate hard or deep, but for G-spot stimulation, despite the fact that it has a curved shape to achieve only the G-point. The Womolia erotic accessory has an independent heating function, receiving a positive response from the women.

With a gPod, a woman can enjoy the music and all the other functions of an iPod during masturbation or foreplay. This device is probably one of the weirdest sex toys developed to date. By using a gPod, a woman is not in contact only with a vibrator, but it can also connect to an mp3 player or mobile phone. While playing music, gPod emits vibrations depending on the current track.

Sex toys that use them both

Depending on how naughty are your activities, you can get double penetration together. The man will be broken, of course, the anus, while women can choose between anus and vagina. If your partner is less scary and feels uncomfortable about double vibrator, convince him to relax and tell him that you really want this thing. Buy a shorter model so that penetrate deep enough, but your anus to be as close and you can further stimulate the genitals or hold hands.

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