How to have great sex in the shower

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Shower sex is a fantasy of many people. You are already naked and there is nothing hotter than watching the water drip of your partner's wet body. You may have tried making love in other rooms in the house (the kitchen counter springs to mind) but breaking up your routine sex with some slippery water fun can really spice up the relationship.

There is not many feeling that beat the sensations of hot water running all over you while having sex and a surprising your partner during their normal cleaning routine is exactly the spontaneous sort of sex that turns many people on.

In the movies they make it look so easy and fun but anyone who has tried to have sex in the shower will tell you that although it can be incredibly fun it is nothing but easy. I have put together this helpful guide so you can hopefully have a fun and sexy shower experience.


Unless you are planning to surprise your lover while they are in the shower then some quick preparation of your watery play space can turn a good encounter into a great one. Firstly a clean sower is a sexy shower. Mildew and wild hairs all over the bathtub is a real turn off so giving your shower space a good clean before hand is a top idea. You can also try to set the mood with some candles, dim the lights and even light some incense. Turn your bathroom into a sensual environment. With all sex the right mind set can really make a world of difference.

Make sure you have the correct temperature. I know allot of couple like their shower at different temperatures but try to find something that is amenable for both of you. It would probably spoil the mood if you are adjusting the shower while trying to get it on. You should also make sure the soap and shower gel are at hand as they will be used later on.

Take it all in

Most of the time when starting sex you don’t get to have a good look at your partner. Take your time when having sex in the shower and watch as they tease you. Watch the water drip over their hot naked body. Get turned on as they start to lather themselves up. When you cannot take anymore you should come together and this is where the real play time begins.

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Soapy and slippery

When you are both in the shower together lather up a sponge and start to clean each other. A great way to start is for one partner to begin scrubbing the others back. Work your way across their body slowly covering their whole body. I can understand the temptation to concentrate on the important areas (read boobs and bum) but working the whole body and be a very sexual experience for both of you. Start at the back working your way down past the bum, over the thighs and right down to the feet and calf. Then you can turn your partner around and work your way back up making sure you don’t neglect arms and neck in the process.

Once one partner has given the other a good clean switch over. You can also try lathering up each other at the same time but if there is not that much space then taking turns is probably the best idea.

Now that you are all lathered up and most likely incredibly horny you will be dying for some penetration. This can be awkward and sometime dangerous but there are some good positions that will make your shower sexploits easy and fun.

Shower sex positions

Hands to the wall -The woman should stand up straight and place her hands on the wall with her legs apart. The man can then take her from behind. This is an easy position that you can use to kick things off.

Standing doggy style - If you are in a shower/bath then the woman can use the rim of the tub to steady herself and keep position. The man should hold onto her hips but should have enough manoeuvrability to caress her body. The man has most of the control in this position but the woman can also control how deep he penetrates by how low she bends over. To enjoy the full experience from the shower you should aim to have the stream fall onto the small of her back.

Sitting down - Use the edge of the tub or a shower stool and have the man sit down with his legs spread out. The woman would then sit in his lap. This position can be used either with you facing each other or with the woman facing away. Having the shower spray on both of you will heighten this experience.

Lifted leg - Facing each other have the woman lean back against the wall and wrap one leg around the mans lower back or have the man hold her knee. Using the wall to support the man can then penetrate her standing up while the shower sprays warm water all over your bodies. Height can be an issue here but the man can bend his knees if needed (although he may not be able to stay in that position for very long).

Anal sex in the shower

One common reason for not having anal sex is because it is not very clean. What better place to try some anal fun but where you clean yourself. Using a standing doggy or hands to the wall position you can enjoy the pleasure of anal sex without any worries of messiness. If you are going to try anal in the shower i would suggest using a silicone based lube (as water based ones will wash off very easy).

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Make it even easier

The sex in the shower range is a set of sex toys that are designed to make shower sex even easier. You can choose from suction handles and foot rests to give you that extra control, vibrating soaps and sponges to add some extra fun or suction dildos for a bit of solo fun.

The are very reasonably priced (&11.04 for the  Dual Locking Suction Handle) so if you are looking to try some shower sex it might be worth your while to pick some up.

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Last update: Aug 02, 2016

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