10 Benefits of Sex You Need to Know

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There are numerous health benefits of sex that are very good for your overall health. If you would like to improve your immune system and want to maintain a stable weight, then you should consider having more sex with your partner. Here are the health benefits of it that you should be aware of:

Sex Will Reduce Your Overall Stress: What sex does is that it decreases your blood pressure so that it is at a normal level. This way you will have lower diastolic blood pressure and will not get so tensed easily. All your problems will go away while you are enjoying the sizzling ride with your partner.

Sex Is Great for Burning That Extra Body Fat: If you have sexual intercourse for around one hour it will burn around 100 calories. This is a marvellous heart exercise that will allow you to maintain a stable weight and lose those excess pounds.

Sex Will Improve Your Immunity Against Certain Diseases: There is research which shows the more sex that you have the higher the level of immunoglobulin there will be. The antibody response will protect you from harmful effects such as colds and even other dangerous infections. Your immune system will become stronger do to sex and will keep you in great shape!

Sex Makes Respiration A Lot Better: According to many doctors those individuals who have sex on a regular basis will notice that they will be able to reduce their risk of heart attack and improve their breathing ability. It will become easier for them to inhale and exhale and not have to worry about numerous health conditions.

Sex Will Enhance Your Overall Self Esteem: Those experts who have a lot of sex notice that their self esteem increases and that they feel better when they are out in public. What sex does it that it allows you to feel comfortable in your own skin without having to worry about what others think of you.

Sex Decreases Your Chances of Acquiring Prostate Cancer: The men that ejaculate during sex have a lower risk of getting prostate cancer when they get older.

Sex Will Decrease Pain by Releasing Endorphins: When you have sex it will increase the level of oxytoxin in the body and it will really help to reduce any pain that you may be feeling in your body.

Sex Will Allow You to Get Closer with Your Partner: Those who have sex often notice that they develop intimacy with their partner and are able to love each other unconditionally. They learn to accept each other for who they are and establish a close connection that keeps them together forever.

Sex Will Improve Your Sleep: The more sex that you have with your partner the better rest that you will be able to get. The oxytoxin that is released during the orgasm helps to put a man to sleep right after he has engaged in some steamy hot sex.

Sex Will Make Your Pelvic Muscles Stronger: During sex you should try some Kegel exercises so that the feeling is extremely pleasurable. These muscles will involve you having to flex your muscles so that they will be able to get an intense workout and become stronger.

If you did not know that sex could be beneficial for you, then now you definitely do. Sex is seen as a fantastic way to get you healthy and right back into shape. So, the next time you are with your partner and are engaging in sexual intercourse make sure that you get the best out of the fabulous experience and make it one to remember!

Last update: Aug 15, 2016

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