Sex Toys Myth Busting

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As a sexually liberated individual you probably want to use or try sex toys. The occasional problem is that you may hear from time to time "Facts" about sex toys that may confuse you or put you off. In this article I am going to go through some of the most common myths and give you the real facts and information.

  1. Not many people actually use sex toys

    I thought I would get this one out of the way first. Numerous studies have shown that sex toys use is actually pretty common. It is estimated that 40-50% of women use or own a vibrator or dildo so if you don't your roommate probably does. The adult toys industry is estimated at 15 BILLION USD per year and that is on the rise. Just look at our website. We have over 4,000 items on sale. If there was no demand for it then there would not be so many different varieties.

  2. When using sex toys like vibrators and dildos my sensitivity will decrease over time and it will be harder to orgasm

    This is another myth that I hear quite allot. There is no evidence that using vibrators diminished your ability to orgasm. There could be a number of reasons why this myth has come about. Most of the time sex toys will make you orgasm much quicker than sex with a partner. They are designed to hit all the spots perfectly and do things that is impossible for a human to do alone. This may make people think that they are unable to achieve orgasm now. It is also try that allot of the work actually happens in your head. So if you are not achieving orgasm as quick as normal you may start to thing about it more and this will make it even harder to orgasm. This also means that the myth perpetuates itself by putting the though that I will be harder to orgasm will actually make it harder to orgasm.

  3. If I use a vibrator I will stop liking sex with my partner

    Sex toy masturbation is amazing but it is still not like the real thing. I know some people (but not the majority) who prefer masturbation using a vibrator than actual sex but even they enjoy sex as much as the next person. Just because you enjoy chocolate does not mean that you stop liking strawberries. Both activities are very enjoyable but they are both different experiences. If you want the best of both worlds many people love to use sex toys with their partner - check out our sex toys for couple for some ideas

  4. Sex Toys can cause damage to your body

    As long as it is used correctly and is not damaged there is no reason that sex toys will damage your body. All good quality sex toys are perfectly safe to use. There are times that problems might occur. Firstly using home made or improvised sex toys is defiantly not recommended. They can be made and shaped very badly and are not designed to be inserted anywhere in your body. Unclean sex toys are a quick way for you to get an infection. Make sure you use some antibacterial sex toy cleaner before and after using your toy to be safe from infection. Damaged and faulty sex toys can also be dangerous. Make sure to keep good care of you toys and check if they are faulty. Cheap sex toys can be a bad idea to use as they are normally cheaply made and more likely to develop a fault or sometimes overheat. We make sure that all the sex toys we sell are manufactured by reliable companies and are quality tested.

  5. Sex Toys are for the lonely and losers

    Err why is that? In some social groups there seams to be stigma attached to the use of sex toys. Most likely these people masturbate but for some reason consider using sex toys as something that only "losers" use. To reasonable people this is a ridiculous and small minded opinion. Sex toys are not a replacement for sex they are an addition to. They make both sex and masturbation much better so not using them seems like a stupid idea to me.

  6. Sex toys are addictive

    They are only addictive as other activities you enjoy (like having sex, watching your favourite TV show or chocolate). They are enjoyable and you may find yourself using them more than you would normally have sex as they are convenient but there is not "withdrawal" and to switch back to sex with another person or masturbation is normally quite easy.

  7. If you need sex toys with your partner there is something wrong with you

    The though process behind this come from the same though process as the "if you can make a woman orgasm then you are not a real man" and the many varieties of this. Firstly there are a hell of allot of women who find it almost impossible to orgasm from just penetrative sex. In fact some studies has concluded that the figure is only 33%. Using sex toys in the bedroom can help both men and women enjoy sex better. Check out our range of couples sex toys for some ideas.

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