Top Tips to Giving a Better Oral Sex to Women

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Hey boys, are you aware of your tongue being your body’s strongest muscle? Imagine the power it has and the pleasure it could give your gal while giving her oral sex! Yea, your tongue is more in control of your body than your little solider, so definitely the sensations it could deliver your gal with it are sure to drive her crazier and jump with joy and leave her galloping for breath! Also the fact remains; she loves oral as much as you do! May be even more!! Be enthusiastic about it and hold a true passion to give her all the pleasures you can, chances are she would love to return the favour too! Below mentions tips would help you in the process of giving her the best she could even dream of

Tip 1: Take it Slow
Begin at a slow pace. Kiss her all over before you reach her pussy. Teasing by getting nearer each second would increase her excitement levels.

Tip 2: Passionately Undress
Undress her slowly, taking time with each piece of clothing and do it with lot of passion. Just as you reach the last layer-her underwear, breath warm air over her vaginal area to increase her urge to just take it off.

Tip 3: Gentle Touches
Once she is all naked in front of you, don’t just open up her vagina and attack with hard kisses. Begin with slow and passionate kisses and licking on the outside. Slowly spread them and give little licks with the tip of your tongue. Be gentle and don’t stop the teasing process.

Tip 4: Start to Speed it Up
Slowly work up the pace and hardness of your oral action. Keep away from reaching out to her clitoris for as long as you can. First concentrate on the labia and vagina, then slowly reach towards the clitoral hood.

Tip 5: Variety is the Spice of Oral
Kiss and lick in different styles. You could imagine writing all the alphabets with you tongue. At times cover the whole genital area, at times get down on a single spot. Slowly her reactions would make you realise her favourite strokes, and you could repeat those!

Tip 6: Go for the Clit
She is sure to be quiet aroused by this time, so now is the time to reach the clitoris. Begin by flicking your tongue on it like a clitoral stimulator would. Move on to suction and kissing. Humming with closed mouth against her clitoris every once in a while works great too.

Tip 7: Getting Handy
Let you hands travel all over her-her ass, her breasts, her nipples, her face, and her lips-with passionate strokes such that you want to grab more and more of her.

Tip 8: Slip in a Finger
Don’t miss using your fingers in between. Insert one or two of them inside her and make the ‘come here’ gesture. Also alternating between inserting hand, face and penis is sure to drive her crazy.

Tip 9: Slowly Towards Climax
As she progress with her orgasm, give her the best desired strokes, and slow down once she climaxes since her clitoris is extremely sensitive now, so taper down your rhythm.

Other general tips would be- always keep your ears open to her reactions and sounds. An excited sound mean you should keep doing more of what you are doing. When the responses reduce, try newer things. Do the unexpected and surprise her. Always sound very excited and show that you too are having fun. Don’t miss giving her a horny look every now and then. Tell her you have found heaven between her legs. Keep giving sexy, dirty and romantic one liners during the whole process!!

Last update: Aug 04, 2016

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