What is the Fleshlight Stamina unit?

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Many men don't last as long in bed as they would like. Fleshlight, the number one selling male sex toy, has the answer to this problem. The Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit is a specifically designed masterbator that will increase your sexual endurance.

The STU will allow you to practice using a masterbator that feels exactly the same as having actual sex. This will rapidly increase your endurance and make sexual intercourse a fun and relaxing experience. It is also perfect for virgins as it will allow you to get use to the sensation of a real vagina before the act making your first time one to remember.

Watch the video below from some more information on the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit.

Video Transcript

I think i speak for allot of girls when i say its pretty frustrating when you are making love to a man building up to an intense climax and then its over. We have all experienced this and as frustrating as it is for all of it it probably even worse for you guys. But its not your fault. Have are you suppose to prepare for the intense sensation of sexual intercourse without actually having to perform in bed?

It's with exactly this in mind that we created the Stamina Training Unit. Our most powerful yet realistic sensation every created. The soft pillows of the STU closely intimate the amazing feel of a womans body, helping you get use the the intense simulation of real sex.

Finally with the STU you can train yourself to last longer in bed the old fashion way, the same way any athlete, musician or lover gets better. Through Practice.


So come on you have always wanted to be the kind of guy that girls talk to their friends about, so why don't you do something great for yourself and even better for all of us girls and get the STU. Please.

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Last update: Aug 03, 2016

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