Why Glass and Metal Dildos?

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Here are SexToys123 we stock a large selection of glass and metal dildos but allot of people don't realise the benefits of using one of these amazing adult toys. We have come up with a list of the advantages of dildos made out of these materials.

  1. Temperature

    Glass and Metal hold the temperature much better than the plastics that normal dildos are made of. By cooling or heating the dildo you will feel new sensations that are unavailable with other types of sex toys. The feeling of different temperatures on your body will drive your crazy with pleasure and intensify your orgasms. For instructions on how to best heat up glass or metal dildos click here

  2. Smoothness

    You will find extra pleasure in just how well made and smooth these dildos are. To feel the imperfection free surface caress your body and insert inside of you. These toys feel amazing when rubbed on shoulders and backs. With a little bit of sex lubricants the dildo will slide in and out with ease.

  3. Looks

    These sex toys are a work of art. The hand blown glass dildos look like they belong in an art gallery and you will not want to stop playing with the glistening elegance of our aluminum or stainless steel dildos.

  4. Texture

    Because of how smooth these dildos are this allows for greater bumps and ridges in the design. Glass dildos like the Icicles No. 19 have large bumps extruding from the shaft but will still slide in and out of your vagina with great ease and pleasure.

  5. Durability

    All of the Glass and Metal Dildos sold on our website are made using only the finest materials and methods. This combined with the fact that glass and metal are more durable than plastic mean that these dildos will lasts for decades without loosing any of the pleasure or functionality.


If you are interested in buying one of these types of dildo we have a huge selection to look through. To browse our glass dildos and for our metal dildos.

Last update: Aug 09, 2016

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